15 More Movie Deaths That Totally Blindsided Us


When writers and directors do their jobs properly, a movie character’s death can feel like a real loss…especially when they come out of nowhere.

That’s exactly the case with these 15 cinematic losses. Brace yourself for some possibly devastating movie memories.


#15. Wash (Serenity)

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

This was so unexpected and just so…unnecessary. Still not over it.

#14. Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction)

Image Credit: Miramax

It was unexpected because of the film’s timeline, and genuinely caught most viewers off guard.

#13. Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6)

Image Credit: Disney

This was so not cool.

#12. Bambi’s Mother (Bambi)

Image Credit: Disney

And oldie but goodie – er, baddie.

#11. John Coffey (The Green Mile)

Image Credit: WarnerBros.

This one had me sobbing all the way home from the theater and for awhile afterward.

#10. Leslie Burke (Bridge to Terabithia)

Image Credit: Disney

This pretty much traumatized an entire generation of kids who then refused to go near tire swings.

#9. Ellie Fredrickson (Up)

Image Credit: Disney

You know you bawled your eyes out. Don’t lie.

#8. Bill Murray (Zombieland)

Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

This was more funny than tragic, but it did catch me off guard.

#7. Billy Costigan (The Departed)

Image Credit: WarnerBros.

Sure, like, everyone died, but he was alive when he got in the elevator and dead by the time the doors opened again!

#6. Bruno (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas)

Image Credit: Miramax

Just devastating.

#5. Donna Sheridan (Mamma Mia 2)

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Come on, no way we saw this coming!

#4. Neil Perry (Dead Poet’s Society)

Image Credit: Disney

It was as unexpected as it was heart-wrenching and unnecessary.

#3. Goose (Top Gun)

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

This stunned me. So. Many. Tears.

#2. Emma Morley (One Day)

Image Credit: Focus Features

I think I shouted ‘WHAT’ at the television.

#1. Luke Glanton (The Place Beyond the Pines)

Image Credit: Focus Features

There’s always something jarring about losing the character you’re rooting for in the first act.


Brb crying.