15 More Photos That Look so Out-Of-This-World, It’s Hard to Believe They’re Real



You know that 15 weren’t enough – here are 15 more pictures that look like they could have been taken on some faraway planet…even though they were snapped right here at home.

#15. A tree-shaped river in Australia.

Photo Credit: Prostoilogin (Pikabu)

#14. Ice caves, Iceland.

Photo Credit: Mamish Mamtan (Facebook)

#13. Lava pouring into the ocean, Hawaii.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#12. White Pocket, Arizona (USA)

Photo Credit: Reuben Wu (Facebook)

#11. A lake at the bottom of a deep hole, Italy.

Photo Credit: papa57 (Pikabu)

#10. Contrasting Macao architecture.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#9. Retba Lake, Senegal

Photo Credit: National Geographic

#8. Fly Geyser, USA.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#7. Solar panels that resemble a futuristic lake.

Photo Credit: Reuben Wu (Facebook)

#6. Halo effect, Sweden.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#5. The Milky Way shot with long exposure.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#4. Migrating starlings, Rome.

Photo Credit: iProcione (Pikabu)

#3. Light pillars, Norway.

Photo Credit: golden_an (Reddit)

#2. Sheep crossing a frozen lake, Tibet.

Photo Credit: sharemanchik (Pikabu)

#1. Skyscrapers in Dubai.

Photo Credit: Albert Dros (Facebook)

h/t: Brightside