15 People Confess to the Dumbest Argument They’ve Ever Had



Ever had an argument and think somewhere in the middle of it that you can’t believe you’ve wasted even that much time fussing about something so dumb? I’m sure you have.

That said, these 15 people might have you beat.

#15. Apparently.

“My ex girlfriend and I got into a pretty heated argument about where the bed sheets should be stored. Personally I just thought that her putting them down with the canned foods in the kitchen didn’t seem to make as much sense as putting them with the curtains and towels in the bathroom. But apparently that makes me an idiot.”

#14. My own opinion

“That Vatican City wasn’t a country after multiple google searches, the whole class agreeing that it was and even a geography teacher telling him it was

His response?

‘I still don’t think it is because I can have my own opinion.'”

#13. 30 minutes gone forever.

“I had a 30 minute argument with a roommate once because he didn’t believe a canoe was a boat.”

#12. No more arguing.

“Someone I work with said if they cant see drops of water on/coming from something then it isn’t wet. I got a damp cloth and asked if it was wet. “No, there isn’t any drops coming from it.” So I wrung it out and got more water out of it. They didnt want to argue anymore.”

#11. Ha ha.

I tried to tell my little brother that it was spelled “sword” not “sored.” I even broke out the Websters Unabridged to prove it to him. His reaction? “Ha ha, your dictionary spelled it wrong.”

#10. An appropriate ending.

“I got an argument when I was around 8 that some ants have wings and some don’t. That was the whole argument. This kid absolutely refused to believe that some ants have wings.

It ended with him headbutting me.”

#9. So say we all.

“My mother has argued with me over if we are currently arguing.”

#8. I made it up.

“Whether or not Timbuktu is a real place. My kids insist I made it up. I’ve shown them maps and websites to prove its real but they still think I made it up.”

#7. I know I’m right.

“A girl tried to convince me that hiccups are caused by the gallbladder. Her argument points:

Then why do people with no gallbladder, never get hiccups?
Why can you google gallbladder hiccups and get results
Can you explain exactly how hiccups and gallbladders work? No? Then that means I’m right
Can I explain either of those? No, but I know I’m right.”

#6. The water cycle.

“that filtering water is unnecessary and dumping all our waste into the rivers is fine because “the water cycle takes care of it”

#5. Actually…

“Someone tried to convince me that they could run a mile in 3 minutes. After I called her out saying the fastest was 3 minutes and 43 seconds she then argued that the fastest mile was actually 1 minute .”

#4. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

“around fourth grade I was at lunch, and I SAW my friend take my butterfinger out of my lunchbox and she spent the entire 20 minutes trying to convince me it was hers.”

#3. Not a pickle.

“I was eating a pickle at lunch, in high school. I referred to my pickle for some reason in the conversation. My friend said, “That’s not a pickle.”

It was a pickle. A normal, big crunchy dill pickle. It looked exactly like the pickle you’re picturing right now.

I asked her what she thought it was, and she said it was a cucumber. I said that she was right, but that it was also a pickle. She disagreed. I asked her what she thought a pickle was, then, if not the thing in my hand. She couldn’t answer.

It was the weirdest argument ever.”

#2. That’s why you need a juicer.

“My brother’s then girlfriend argued with me that almond milk isn’t a thing. I’d seen a commercial for Jack Lalane’s juicer and I mentioned how you can apparently make almond milk with it. Our conversation went like this:

If you squeezed an almond would any milk come out?

Well no. That’s why you need the juicer.

It doesn’t work like that.

But if almond milk doesn’t exist, what are all these things at the grocery store pruporting to be almond milk?

That’s almond flavoured milk.

How come it’s labelled as vegan?

That’s almond flavoured soy milk!

If you squeezed a soy bean would any milk come out?


#1. Never argue with a preschooler.

“My daughter once argued with my ex about whether or not ducks have butts. She was 4.”