15 People Confess What Television and Movie Inaccuracies Drive Them Absolutely Nuts



There are some inconsistencies or inaccuracies that can be forgiven, forgotten, or just plain glossed over. But when you’re watching something that falls within your area of expertise (or area of interest/obsession) mistakes can be hard to let go.

Fair warning: you may never be able to watch movies or television shows in the same, blissfully ignorant way again!

#15. Nails on a chalkboard

“Over and out”. As a former signal guy in the army this is like nails on a chalkboard. Especially when it’s said by a military or law enforcement person who should know better. “Over” means you’re expecting a response. “Out” means the conversation is done. “Over and out” literally means “talk to me and shut up”.”

#14. Order in the court

“That’s not at all how court cases work. If you yell at a witness, you’ll be thrown out.”

#13. History matters

“Perfect bright white teeth and immaculate makeup in ancient/old times.”

#12. A little too quick

“Actors looking at pixelated mess on screen that resembles Super Mario from NES. “Can you clean this image up?”

Nerdy, tattooed chick: “Sure”

click, zoom, click, zoom, zoom

Now it’s HD quality and you can read the serial number on the gun he’s using.

“Can you trace the buyer of that gun.”

click, click, scroll, click

“Done. It’s James Smith. click, click. I’ve triangulated his position and he’s three blocks away on 1st and 23rd, drinking a mocha latte. click, click His wife works for the KGB.”

“Let’s move!”


#11. Anybody can do it

“Oh, the [thing] is protected! I need to hack into the mainframe.”

Five seconds later:

“Ok, I’m in!”

#10. Geography matters

“This is probably true of most major cities in movies, but Washington, DC, is the one I see most often. OK, we’re driving and there’s the Capitol! Now we’re passing the Lincoln Memorial! Now we’re in front of the White House! Where the fuck are you going???”

#9. What a cut-up

“Busting through glass with either no cuts or very minor cuts.”

#8. Genetic anomalies

“In the film Tiptoes, the entire conflict of the film develops from Kate Beckinsale finding out that the family of her fiance, Mathew McConaughey, are all dwarfs. But she’s pregnant with his child! Oh no! It might be a dwarf!

Except dwarfism is an autosomal dominant trait. If Matthew McConaughey isn’t a dwarf, and he clearly isn’t, there ain’t a lick of dwarfism in his alleles, masked or otherwise, and any baby of his has as much of a chance of being a dwarf as any other person’s child. Fuckin’ idiots.”

#7. Shenanigans

“Makeup. You just finished swimming for your life, sweating after running through a desert, or crying your eyes out? I’m sorry, but your mascara and eyeliner should be running down your face and/or giving you raccoon eyes, ma’am. You’re living in the middle of a dystopian apocalypse, but you still have time for and access to lipstick, blush, and mascara? I call shenanigans!”

#6. Sit down and eat your breakfast

“Mom cooks a full eggs-bacon-toast-sausage-pancakes-OJ-coffee breakfast on a weekday

Kid sits down for breakfast, serves himself/herself a heaping plate of everything

Conversation lasts 30 seconds, kid eats 2 bites of toast

Kid gets up and leaves for school, leaving a full plate of breakfast behind

If that had happened at my household, I would have gotten a chancleta to the face in record time.”

#5. Accurate medical use not required

“General defibrillator usage.”

#4. A not-so-deadly predator

“Using a red tailed hawk cry for every noise that every bird makes. It’s seriously like the Wilhelm scream of birds, only worse. A duck will fly by in the background and you’ll hear the screech of a deadly predator.”

#3. Someone’s getting fired

“When something changes from camera angle to camera angle. For example, when someone’s hair is on their shoulder when you look at them and then the camera flips to the other person in the conversation and then when it flips back to the other person their hair is off their shoulder. I always pick up on it and it drives me crazy!”

#2. Permanent car wash

“When filming through a car windscreen you never see the dusty bits round the edge of the screen where the wipers don’t reach. Every car on the road has dusty bits round the edge of the screen, unless it’s just been washed ten minutes earlier.”

#1. Unrealistic expectations

“People that make minimum wage owning large apartments in NYC. That and how ex’s will come back if you try really hard.”