15 People Dish About Why They No Longer Talk to Their Best Friend



Most of us have believed in best friends forever since middle school (or before), but the truth is, sometimes best friends don’t last until the end of days. But what causes people to fall out with the one person they thought would be there for them forever?

Well, for these 15 people, it might not be what you think.

#15. He found God

“He got really religious to the point of extremism. It happened so fast that I thought it was prank. No conversation, no reasoning helped. He stopped listening to music, started to tell us we’re on the wrong path and became more and more secluded. I tried my best to remain friends with him even though we became complete opposites of each other (I’m atheist) until one day he came back from studying abroad for a year. I heard he got married so I congratulated him and asked him when will have the pleasure to meet his wife. He told me “why would you meet her. She’s my wife you have no business talking to her”. That’s when I realized that the person I grew up listening to Pearl Jam with had completely gone.

Edit: many of you have mentioned witnessing the same thing with different religions. For all those who are asking, my friend became an extremely conservative Muslim.”

#14. He was a girlfriend-stealer

“First one was my fault. We had been friends since we were little kids. I started living with my girlfriend at the time and pretty much ignored everyone. Part of that was because she used to get pissed at me when I would talk to other people. So he called me a few times and I never called him back. I’ve tried apologizing several times and he ignores me.

The other guy we were friends since we were little kids as well. He stole a couple of my girlfriends in middle school. But whatever, it’s not a big deal. After high school, I met someone who I really liked. He thought she was attractive, so he tried hitting on her and hooking up with her.

One night I was supposed to go to his house and hang out. He invited her as well knowing that I liked her. He spent the entire night trying to hook up with her. She wasn’t interested and left with me. I was with this woman for a few years and he used to hit on her. I got sick of it and we stopped hanging out.”

#13. A lack of understanding

“A few weeks after my mother passed I was still in shock. This resulted in me being quiet and never enthusiastic. This bothered my friend because I was always quick to laugh and up for a good time. He said I was using her death as an excuse for my behaviour. Got in my car and never talked to him again. I realky wish I punched his punk ass now.”

#12. She was ruthless

“She taunted me into believing that I was unattractive because of my weight. I wasn’t even that chubby at a size 10 (Irish) size, but after the constant comments at lunch time and snide remarks I developed anorexia and dropped to 38kg in less than 6 months. Then she proceeded to taunt me over not eating, called me a walking skeleton and that she was embarrassed to be around me and I cut her off.”

#11. She picked sides

“Decided beginning and maintaining a “friendship” with my abusive ex behind my back was worth more than our friendship.”

#10. He got his priorities straight

“He turned his life around. He almost killed himself in a car wreck driving drunk. Then, his fiance got pregnant. He sobered up quick, I was still runnin&gunnin. When he re-evaluated his priorities, there was no room for someone like me who was sure to get him in trouble again. Now that I’m sober, I’m really glad he made the choices he did. I miss you bro, hope you and the family are doing ok.”

#9. She tried to steal my husband

“Best friend of over a decade, thought my husband was hot, made a play for him, telling him that I didn’t need to know. He put her in her place and he told me about it. Had a rather mild conversation about how sad it was, and I’ve not seen or heard from her since.”

#8. He wanted more

“He told me that he was in love with me, I told him I just didn’t feel the same way.

We stayed friends for awhile, but it was never the same.”

#7. It was too awkward

“We got a bit too tipsy and did some sexual stuff with each other. It just wasn’t the same after that.”

#6. She liked playing the victim

“She spent years talking shit about me and making up rumors. When I called her out on it, she cried and claimed that I’d been trying to make her miserable for years. Because the entire fucking world revolves around her. I majored in Economics because I wanted to make more money than she would with PR. I got a rental house for $50/month cheaper and it was standalone, because I wanted her to feel shitty about her duplex. I offered to help her get a job where I worked since she hated the job she already had; she accepted the job but told everyone I helped her get it because I wanted to assert my dominance. I started dating a guy that was quite cute and a former football player, and I did so because I wanted her to feel like her pudgy boyfriend wasn’t good enough. My parents invited her to the beach with us because they wanted to show off how they had more money than hers (not true, my parents just seem to like me more than hers liked her and wanted me to have a friend at the beach.. that was 2 hours away, its not like we went on some extravagant thing). I got a “new” car because hers was crappy, not because my power steering stopped working and I needed to get to school. I started working out daily to make her feel like shit about her body, not because I was sick and tired of being on the sidelines with asthma-stunted lungs. I got a dog because I wanted to show that I had more time and money otherwise I would have gotten a cat like she did (…what? exactly.). I went to Disneyworld with her roommate because we wanted to exclude her, even though she was invited but never asked for the time off to go.

The list just goes on and on. She can never take responsibility for herself or understand that other people are just out there living their life for THEM, not for her. I felt bad for her when I first met her, it seemed like her family was just mean to her… they weren’t, she spun everything to match her victim story. They tried to include her in things, but she would flip out that her mom took just her to dinner and then the next day took her sister to get her nails done, while former friend was in class- they didn’t include her so they hated her, even though she didn’t care that her sister wasn’t included on dinner. Sad thing is, her family is pretty nice and treat her way better than she treats them.”

#5. Money between friends

“He knowingly gave me his credit card to go buy food for both of us, and then sued me for credit fraud. I won the lawsuit. And he had to pay $10,000 for lying about it, as it was just a small claims court.”

#4. His fragile ego

“His ego couldn’t handle the notion that someone could find me attractive and not him (despite him being better-looking by most standards).

We happened to meet the same girl independently. When he tried to make a move on her, he got shut down. I met her at a separate party and we hit it off.

After we started dating seriously, he passive-aggressively ostracized me from our group of long-time friends.”

#3. Her feelings were hurt

“I told her I was gay, which she was kind of ok with, until I admitted I didn’t fancy her. I said I didn’t think of her like that, which apparently was incredibly insulting of me to say.”

#2. She became an addict

“She got addicted to Oxy.

Found out that I had unknowingly purchased stolen goods from her (this was before I knew she was a junkie). I felt like complete shit and gave the stolen things back to their original owners, but it ended up costing me upwards of $200, which I of course will never see again.

When she first ended up out on the streets, I offered her a ride to the grocery store to buy her some dinner or snacks, and instead she asked me for $100 cash.

Fuck that.”

#1. Pokemon between friends

“A Pokémon card I found in the mall. He said he found it. His dad was the tiebreaker, gave it to him. It was a holo ninetails.”