15 People Own up to Believing in These Full-Blown Conspiracy Theories



Area 51 is real and the government has been keeping it a secret. We’ll never know who really killed JFK. The chickens used by KFC are headless, flightless “birds” that are never actually alive.

Whether you’re willing to admit to it or not, there’s probably at least one conspiracy theory that makes you wonder whether it could possibly be true. But these 15 people are sure they’ve found one that is legit.

#15. Everyone knows this

“The opioid epidemic in USA is from insurance companies being too cheap to pay for a real treatment.

Giving someone percocet is much cheaper than doing MRIs, surgery and physical therapy.

Especially true for car crash victims and being hurt on the job. Every personal injury attorney knows this.”

#14. Wake up, sheeple

“The hours between 3-5 Am are a hallucination brought about by sleep deprivation

Wake up Sheeple”

#13. Ladies, unite

“That women’s clothing doesn’t have proper pockets so they’re pushed to by purses and whatnot.”

#12. Put down your phones

“The Facebook app records everything you say to send you targeted ads.”

#11. They’re coming for us all

“bitcoin was created by a rogue AI.”

#10. It’s definitely weird

“Mattress stores being mob money laundering
operations. There are too many of them that
are always open with NO customers. It’s weird.”

#9. A sporting chance

“The NBA is rigged and Tim Donaghy wasnt the only ref rigging games for his own benefit.”

#8. A royal question

“No idea if this is basically conspiracy theory, but I 100 percent believe that Princess Diana was trying to run away from being murdered and got killed anyway.”

#7. I just assumed

“Octopuses are aliens.”

#6. The truth is out there

“Oklahoma City bombing was a bigger plot than we are allowed to know.”

#5. Secrets don’t make friends

“Taylor Swift is a lesbian and has been in a happy relationship with supermodel Karlie Kloss for years. Her latest album is about Karlie.”

#4. Damn the man

“The powers that be plant the seeds of fake conspiracy theories for internet conspiracy theorists to find and assemble. They then use social media algorithms to bubble the results. So any conspiracy theory that you read on the internet is just what The Man wants you to believe.”

#3. Troll masters

“IHOP claims their new name (IHOB) stands for “international house of Burgers” but it’s definitely “international house of Breakfast”, and they’re all just trolling us.”

#2. Tech games

“Progress in every technology is thwarted by big business who protect their interests by slowly letting it come to the public sphere.”

#1. He didn’t get what he deserved

“Hitler survived and became a goat herder in Argentina. I saw a declassified file on the CIA official website and it looks like him. I’m training to be a history teacher so I won’t teach that in school but if I’m asked in private…. Yo soy führer.”