15 People Reveal the Hardest Thing They Had to Tell Their Parents

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Serious talks with the ‘rents can be hard on everyone involved but I gotta say, these 15 heart-to-hearts would have been a doozy from either side.

#15. Parent your parent.

“To my widowed mom: that if she didn’t start using the internet safely (she fell victim to romance scams twice) and stop sending money she doesn’t have to strangers online (she’s definitely on a fixed income), I’d get power of attorney over her and her finances. Sucks having to parent your parent.”

#14. I had to tell my parents.

“One morning i got a call from a police officer who told me the that my sister was found dead in her apartment and that she apparently died of a heroin overdose. She was living in another city and i hadn’t spoken to her for 2 or 3 weeks. We knew she was addicted but went through recovery and was doing fine, back in her job and had her live on track for nearly a year.

I can’t even remember the words or what exactly he hold me because it swept me right of my feet. I just told him to hold on, please hold on i need to find a chair and suddenly my husband was there and talking to the man on the phone. I then had to tell my parents. We drove over and my mother was alone in the kitchen and i internally screamed because my dad wasn’t there. He had a small workshop and went there in the morning. So i told my mother and she just dropped onto the floor with the most horrific scream i ever heard from my mom. I then walked over to the workshop because i didn’t wanted to tell my dad over the phone. I just said her name and he knew, he fucking knew right away and he just held me while we both cried and then we went back to my mom.

Yeah that was a real shitty day. It’s been 7 years since i lost my sister and i still go through severe depression the weeks leading up to the date of her death.”

#13. Seemingly normal.

“That their seemingly normal infant grandson had a terminal disorder and had maybe four years to live.”

#12. I wasn’t supposed to know.

“That I had known for ten years about the half sibling I wasn’t supposed to know about.

Edit: wow, it’s nice knowing this isn’t uncommon. I was pretty broken up about it way back when my sister I grew up with spilled the beans. It took me so long to bring it up because at the time, she asked me not to tell our mother that she told me, and I didn’t want to betray her.

I never made contact. I thought about it a lot, still do, but I’ve battled some serious depression in my life and if it went badly it might be bad for my mental health. So I let it be.”

#11. Work up the courage.

“When I was 17 I had to work up the courage to tell my mom I didn’t think my penis worked correctly (I had no feeling due to an extreme bend). It was such a hard topic to talk about with my mother, but I’m glad I did. About 2 years, 30 doctor’s visits, and one surgery later, I had a working penis 🙂

Edit: Have, it still works. It just doesn’t get much use lol.”

#10. Total shock.

“My ex and I of 10 years amicably split up 3 months before our wedding date. When we told my parents together, I’m 100% positive they were expecting us to tell them she was pregnant. Total shock from them.”

#9. 10,000 miles away.

“That I had cancer. I live overseas and I know how much my parents miss me, I can only imagine how they felt while I was 10,000 miles away battling it.

I tried to be super positive about it. Mom only wanted to hear as much as was necessary, Dad kept on talking about all the ways I could die or could go wrong(his way of working out a situation).

Cancer free for six months now though!

Edit: blown away that this took off and to see all the congratulatory messages. Thank you.

I shared it with my mom whose first concern was that they weren’t present enough and made me feel i was battling it on my own, but I assured her that they were the most supportive parents and did everything they could given the distance.

I love them a whole lot.”

#8. Less than a month.

“I had to tell my mother she had less than a month to live.”

#7. Wailing the heartbreak.

“My younger sister’s husband called me to tell me that the baby that my sister, his wife, was carrying had died in utero. He asked me in between sobs to call my parents because my sister wanted everyone to come to the hospital before she was put into induced labour to give birth to her stillborn daughter.

So I called my parents, who were in a cafe. First thing my Mum said, naturally (considering what day it was), was ‘Happy Birthday, Janie!’

There was no way to break the news nicely, so I just told her that sister and sister’s husband’s baby had been stillborn and we were all to meet them at the hospital. I’ll never forget the sounds of my Mum wailing with heartbreak in our local cafe.”

#6. Guilt incarnate.

“Mom, we’re moving you out of your house into a home. (Guilt incarnate)”

#5. Everyone suffers.

“It’s me dad, your son”.

Having a parent who suffers from Alzheimer’s is fucking heartbreaking.”

#4. It broke my heart.

“That my sister was spreading lies about the family to her friends to get attention and pity. She told them things like “Step-dad hits mum and because he’s a [job title] they cover it up for him”, “I’m actually a twin but he died when we were 6 weeks old” some were so horrible, all about being abused and how my family was rich but she never got money/food/adequate shelter because we hate her so much.

I watched their faces go from confused to angry to sad it broke my heart.”

#3. The perfect couple.

“That my husband beat the crap out of me then went to bed and overdosed on pain pills. They thought we were the perfect couple.”

#2. Terrified for weeks.

“Telling my parents I flunked out of college was the hardest thing for me. I was terrified for weeks.”

#1. It was true.

“Got home from school and my mom had already received a phone call from my principal. I had to tell her it was true, my teacher had been touching me.”