15 People Reveal the Piece of Conventional Wisdom They Think Is Total Crap



My personal pet peeve is the saying that “In the end it will be okay – if it’s not okay, it’s not the end,” largely because it’s total crap. But there are plenty of pieces of wisdom or common sayings that drive people mad.

Here are 15 people who shared the ones they think are complete baloney.

#15. Outdated advice.

“Starve a fever.

You need energy to power your immune response, don’t rely on 14 century medicinal advice.”

#14. Incorrect.

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Yes, there is. The notion that there isn’t is just a self-serving publicists’ lie; a way of saying that everything can be spun if you just hire the right publicist. But it’s just not true. Bad publicity can wreck careers, tank companies, cause bank runs, prompt suicides and murders.

No publicist in the world is going to get Harvey Weinstein’s career back on track; Theranos will never recover from Carreyrou’s pieces in the Wall Street Journal.

I think most people know that it’s not really true, but for some reason I keep hearing it said as though it were genuinely an axiomatic truth—as though being universally loathed were genuinely better than being unknown.”

#13. Not a good piece of advice.

“Live every day like it is your last one.” That is just not a good piece of advice”

#12. How many times.

“listen to your heart.”

No no no. Think things through rationally and do the right thing no matter how you ‘feel’. You know how many times I’ve had to get up to go to work or go for a run when my heart was telling me to go back to bed or eat chocolate in front of the TV?”

#11. Sometimes.

“‘Violence never solves/solved anything.’

Yeah, tell that to history.

Sometimes, a good swift ass-kicking is the only response on the table.”

#10. Do what you love.

“Do what you love, and the money will follow.” This is not true most of the time.”

#9. Not anymore.

“He only picks on you, because he likes you.”

#8. How about that?

“Finish your plate”. How about “stop eating when you’re full”.”

#7. Go get it.

“Good things come to those who wait.”

Bullsh*t, go get it.”

#6. The universe conspires.

“Everything happens for a reason. Well technically it does but that reason could be chance, mistake etc. Sometimes the universe conspires to collectively fuck you.”

#5. Idiocy.

“Most of the bullshit that comes from advice on dealing with ‘bullies’ at school.

Usually from people that clearly have never had to deal with bullying in any form. Some of the ridiculous ones I’ve seen have been along the lines of “Laugh with your bully, they’ll have no reason to bully you and leave you alone!”


#4. No means no.

“Don’t take no for an answer.”

#3. Except when you’re tired.

“Never go to bed angry.” Not all problems can be solved before bedtime and you aren’t required to accept someone’s b.s. because it’s bedtime.”

#2. Pyramid scheme.

“The US food pyramid.”

#1. Ok, so no.

“ignore the bully”

Ok, so no.