15 People Share the “Childish” Things That They Still Love as an Adult

Image Credit: Pixabay


Being an adult means letting go of a lot of the things that you enjoyed as a kid. Playing with action figures is fine when you’re 3, but not so much when you’re 33.

There are so many fun things that adults are supposed to leave behind with their childhood, but these 15 people make great arguments for why we definitely shouldn’t.

You can (and should) bring the delightful things you enjoyed in your childhood with you (even if a little judgment might follow).

#1. Plain Band-aids are for sad people

“Scooby doo bandaids. Every bandaid in my house is scooby band aids.”

#2. English sweet shops

“Old fashioned English sweet shops. The kind with the big jars behind the counter were the assistant weighs stuff out for you like a deli. These places also tend to be the mecca of imported American candy!”

#3. Best thing ever

“Swings. They are the actual best thing ever.”

#4. Right in your pantry

“Sticking my hand in a bag of rice.”

#5. Cats ruin everything

“Made a blanket fort with a girlfriend once. The cats took that one down.”

#6. Nostalgia overload

“Enjoying the smell of the radiator turning on for the first time in fall/winter, nostalgia overload. I used to sit against it under a few blankets playing videogames.”

#7. Muppet everything

“Watching the Muppet Christmas special.”

#8. One of everything

“My wife and I went to a drive-in movie on our honeymoon.

When I was a kid, my parents refused to let us have candy at the movies, or maybe one tiny thing you ate in the first five minutes.

I told me wife this and she looked at me unblinking and then flatly stated, “We’re buying one of everything.”

Best stomachache ever.”

#9. Very often

“I guess the fact that I give/call everyone silly names, very often.

“Hi, my name’s Marco”

“Ayy Barko Wadup”

“It’s -M-arco”

“Whatever Garco”

“Eyy Skarko come here really quick”

I think people hate me.”

#10. Brother love

“Making my older brothers mad by repeating what they say. We’re in our 30s.”

#11. A good laugh

“When I’m driving past a bus stop and the people are waving at the bus coming up behind me I like to wave at them as though they were waving at me. Gives me a good laugh and they usually get an odd look on their face.”

#12. So I can play with cars

“I want to buy that carpet with roads, so I can play with cars. My parents never bought it for me and I still hate them for it.”

#13. Loud toys

“Not me but my dad. Whenever he sees a toy aisle he just has to go down it and turn on every single loud toy that he can find. Whenever someone walks over to see what’s going on, he looks around as if he’s looking for some kid that did it and ran off. Then he shrugs it off as if he was in the aisle to buy toys for his grandkids.”

#14. “Swords”

“Using sticks as ´swords´.”

#15. F*ck gender roles

“whn i was a little girl, all i wanted was a set of those large, metal, yellow tonka trucks. they’re so cool. my mother wouldn’t get them for me, wouldn’t even let me play with the little boy’s next door. (this was more than 60 years ago) because they weren’t toys for girls.

first thing i did 20 years later with my first pay check from my first real job was buy a set of them: a dump truck, one that lifted piles of stuff with a front loader, and one that had a crane. i still use the dump truck as a fruit bowl on my kitchen counter.

go buy your carpet. you won’t believe how damn happy it makes you.

also, fuck gender roles.”

Screw the haters, my friends, and you do you.