15 People Share the Moment They Realized They Were Adults



Everyone thinks they can’t wait to be an adult, until one day they realize they are one, and it’s not as fun or exciting or responsibility-free as we’d hoped.

These 15 people remember that exact moment, and probably not too fondly.

#15. All in one go.

“Yesterday I replaced my broken TV remote and bought new pillows to help me sleep better, all in one go.”

#14. Never gone back.

“When I was 19 and it was a very real possibility I’d have to take my mum to court for custody of my younger brother.

It didn’t end up happening but there was a lot of planning and consideration done, and I’ve never really gone back to how I was before.

Also, when I got excited about buying my first Dyson vacuum.”

#13. The first thought.

“A few years ago I had a dream where a car I was driving went through the wooden barriers of a pier and careened into the water. I struggled to escape the submerged car and eventually made it to the surface where I gasped for air. The first thought I had was not about surviving the fall, it was “Fuck, my insurance premium is going to skyrocket”

#12. The nice man.

“When a customer at work said to her kid “tell the nice man ‘thank you!'”

#11. I don’t have a will.

“I was 26 and dating my, now, wife. Unbelievably sick. She took me to the doctor. I’m in the exam room with her, curled up into a ball on the table waiting. She asks me how I’m feeling and out of nowhere I just thought (and said) “I don’t have a will.”

Before this “eh, I’m sick but I’ll get better”. There and after: “I am dying and should get my house in order”.”

#10. Grown up excitement.

“My wife and I won $600 at bingo…

We got excited because we needed a new washing machine.”

#9. I had no clue.

“Moving out on my own. I had no clue what I was doing. One of the best but also one of the loneliest times of my life.”

#8. Now I water it.

“I didn’t like the grass looking so brown, so I bought a hose and now really enjoy watering my grass. I used to smoke green to calm down, now I water it.”

#7. Never occurred to me.

“72 year old uncle had cancer. he never had his own kids, my dad was never around, so he was my dad.

The time comes, he’s deep into stage 3 myeloma. had pneumonia, been through 3 rounds of chemo, had his lungs drained 4 times. there with my mom, he’s her brother that was a f*cking rock for her through a bunch of sh*tbags, and the oncologist says “sir, we can continue, but I can’t offer any sort of guarantees…” then it just kinda trails off. it was just me and my mom, the guy said sir so he was talking to me. maybe a minute that felt like a full day goes by and he kinda touches my shoulder, “sir, what would you like to do?” never occurred to me like 15 years prior what health care power of attorney actually meant, just said yeah man if you do some dumb shit and gotta get your foot cut off I’ll sign and we both laughed.

edit: so I didn’t expect this to get noticed the way it did, but thanks to everybody for the support and well wishes in the replies and PMs and everything. honestly made me cry like a baby this afternoon. only advice I’ll give is, and I know it’s corny and trite, but just treat your family well. I know it can feel like a pain in the ass, but call your mom, call your dad, whomever fills those roles for you, tell em you love them. I got 3 months with mine before the end and I was lucky for it, it can happen tomorrow. and it sucks to have to say, but have a last will and testament prepared. being family doesn’t mean they can’t succumb to greed.”

#6. Audibly.

“I saw broccoli crowns on sale for 0.99 per pound and audibly said “Oh my God.”

#5. All four of them.

“When I was standing in a room at work with four other co-workers and one said “I need an adult” and all four of them turned and looked at me.”

#4. For the first time.

“I lived alone at the time and came down with a horrible bout of food poisoning. Threw up all over my kitchen floor trying to make it to the bathroom, and realised that for the first time in my life, I had to clean it up myself.

I had to drag my sick, feverish, nauseous, sad, sorry ass around while I cleaned up the mess, then proceeded to lay down on the tiled floor in the bathroom and cry because I’d finally realised that I was an adult and I was all alone with nobody to take care of me. Nothing makes a fully independent adult miss their mum quite like being sick.

I guess also when I asked for a new set of bed sheets for Christmas and was overjoyed to receive them. I definitely couldn’t afford to buy the fancy high thread count cotton sheets I was gifted, that’s for sure.”

#3. More to life.

“My supermarket stopped stocking the type of dishbrush I like, so I had to go to another down the road. I’m sure there’s more to life than this.”

#2. Motivations.

“The second time I bought condoms. The first time was motivated by hope, but the second time was motivated by responsibility.”

#1. Actually me.

“I’ve told this before, but when I took my newborn son to the pediatrician for the first time and filled out the paperwork, I got to the blank for “emergency contact.” The instructions said that this is usually the mother, so I started to write my mother’s name in it, but then I remembered that “the mother” was actually me. Sort of a quiet, life-changing moment.”