15 People Share the Things They Believe Have Not Aged Well

Image Credit: Instagram


Some pieces of technology and pop culture are as (or even more) applicable today as they were the day the made their way into the world.

Others, well…not so much.

For me, one of the most glaring examples of a television show from my youth that is pretty cringe inducing now is Friends. I can hardly watch it (though the younger generation doesn’t seem to have a problem with it).

Below are 15 more things that people on Reddit say should stay forgotten in the past – where they seem to be stuck.

15. This is actually kind of meta, in hindsight, so still funny?

14. This is pretty eerie and not at all cool.

13. So awkward.

12. Just everything about her, really.

11. People on my timeline still do this.

10. Yeah, that’s definitely problematic.

9. This is just awful. But honestly? Not a fan of the entire film. #sorrynotsorry

8. This one just made me laugh. Sorry, 3rd grade teacher!

7. That’s tough luck, my friend.

6. As long as kids are telling their parents to take them to the movie, it doesn’t have to be good.

5. Talk about cringe-inducing.

4. It’s creepy AND icky.

3. I mean anything Cosby is pretty much cancelled.

2. No backsies on baby names.

1. This guy. Ugh.

Some of these sure are a blast from the past!

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