15 People Who Are About To Be in a World of Trouble


Let’s face it: sometimes life just doesn’t go our way. When things start going wrong, though, one way to handle it is to lean into it until you can find a way out. These people are about to have some troubles of their own, but I’m sure they’ll make it.

1. Just trying to catch some Zs. Heck, they’d even settle for one Z.

Photo Credit: Twitter: desiraeexo

2. Short and simple.

Photo Credit: Reddit: hobbit890

3. Someone woke up on the wrong side of life.

Photo Credit: Reddit: drshaba7

4. This father kept track of how many times his three-year-old asked “Why?” in one day.

Photo Credit: Reddit: 2legitportu

5. No, thanks.

Photo Credit: Reddit: shanadar

6. “My nephew wrecked his ‘girlfriend’s’ car.”

Photo Credit: Twitter: radricadavis

7. “No idea how to fix it.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: McCDaddy

8. Eat up.

Photo Credit: Reddit: parmaqqay

9. Ah, to be a middle child.

Photo Credit: Imgur: LeButtman

10. “We threw a gender reveal party for my brother and SIL. My niece really wanted a little sister.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: themissnguyen

11. Hope they aren’t in a hurry.

Photo Credit: Reddit: xumix

12. “A family member uploaded this Easter picture of my cousin.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: imnotfunnyAMA

13. You do you.

14. “Please be a boy, please be a boy…”

Photo Credit: Reddit

15. Don’t put all your eggs in one egg machine.

Photo Credit: Imgur: ShadesOfBlue3836