15+ People Who Have, Without a Doubt, Stopped Caring


There’s something liberating about not caring anymore, isn’t there? You can sort of just throw caution to the wind and do whatever you want (within reason). These 16 people certainly stopped caring a long time ago.

1. Always make sure your dessert is strapped in tight.

Photo Credit: Imgur: liviemares

2. Even speed bumps don’t care.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Bronson55

3. When laziness ends up looking pretty cool.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Autogegner

4. Not sure if that’s how you fix a laptop…

Photo Credit: Pikabu: NazKom

5. Lisa Simpson, anyone?

Photo Credit: Imgur: ibleeedorange

6. “Wood” you drive this thing?

Photo Credit: Pikabu: Globalzkk

7. Spam roasted over a hand sanitizer flame. My mouth is watering just at the thought.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @shaun ryan

8. “I think I did a great job.”

Photo Credit: Twitter: @chris☆

9. Why get rid of old toilet paper rolls when you can just buy a really long rod?

Photo Credit: Reddit: Logan5105

10. “And you’re sure this is in style?”

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. I’m sure that’s regulation…

Photo Credit: Reddit: Adan714

12. “Stop! Hold it right there! Wait, where are you going?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Simranjit16

13. Can’t see this being a problem.

14. Looks secure to me.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: whiteman1

15. “Well, the boss never told me to remove the ladder…”

16. In bound, out of bounds…who cares?