15 Photos That Look so Out-Of-This-World, It’s Hard to Believe They Were Taken on Earth



I love photography. Pictures are worth a thousand words, like they say, but these 15 photographers combined their skills with an image to create something that looks truly alien…even though they were all taken right here at home.

#15. Iridescent glowworms in New Zealand.

Photo Credit: Shaun Jeffers

#14. California sand tufas, shaped by wind and time.

#13. The Northern Lights through a window, Finland.

Photo Credit: dobro111 (Pikabu)

#12. “Gardens by the Bay,” Singapore.

Photo Credit: Victor Mazovsky (Flickr)

#11. A bamboo forest covered with snow.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#10. The island of Crete being swallowed by a cloud of African dust.

Photo Credit: Dima Alimanov (Pikabu)

#9. Ancient tree roots in Angor Wat, Cambodia.

Photo Credit: Giulio Paletta

#8. “Angry fist” cloud in Portugal.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#7. The colorful pools of Yuncheng Lake, China.

Photo Credit: DrakHan (Pikabu)

#6. Madgeburg Water Bridge, Germany.

Photo Credit: vndsgn (Reddit)

#5. An aerial view of the beach.

Photo Credit: Alex McClean

#4. Gorkaya River, Russia

Photo Credit: DiscoveryNN (Pikabu)

#3. A “green” lake with perfectly clear water in Austria.

Photo Credit: Chomett (Flickr)

#2. Guitar-shaped highway junction, Ufa, Russia.

Photo Credit: USSMan (Pikabu)

#1. A departing train covered in 30,000 light-emitting diodes.

Photo Credit: Imgur

h/t: Brightside