15 Strange Sights You Could Only See on the Road


Have you ever been driving and looked out your window only to see something that completely baffles you? Whether it’s a weird billboard or a funky-looking vehicle, there’s no shortage of strange things to see on the road. Check out these 15 downright weird sights people have witnessed while driving.

1. “You gimme enough tie downs, I’ll make sure that boat stays put.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: mr_waterloo

2. So…can I park?

Photo Credit: Reddit: ArkyC

3. They must have won big at the carnival.

Photo Credit: Reddit: PeggyMikula

4. I wonder how that thing does on its emissions test.

Photo Credit: Reddit: DrShio

5. Pink power.

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. It’s saying something when the leopard print bike and helmet are not the most unusual thing about this photo.

Photo Credit: Reddit: yo_mamma32

7. Sir, I know you’re proud of your bucks, but please keep your hands on the wheel.

Photo Credit: Reddit: marwoh

8. Hang on tight, doggo!

Photo Credit: Reddit: shirazshakil

9. “Land, ho!”

Photo Credit: Imgur: delightphil

10. We’d like to know more about the physics of this.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Gayelord962

11. Someone’s in the Christmas spirit.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Aaerok

12. Spotted at a gas station.

13. This kid was going 2 in a 1 mph zone.

Photo Credit: Imgur

14. “If this mattress goes anywhere, it’s takin’ me with it!”

Photo Credit: Reddit: yahtzee24

15. Finally, some doggo safety.

Photo Credit: Imgur