15 Teachers Recall the Most Obvious Crush a Student Ever Had

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These 15 teachers had no trouble telling when these students were crushing, and though the instances range from sweet to awkward, they all have one thing in common – it definitely wasn’t a secret.

15. Points for creativity but I doubt the police would consider them a get out of jail free.

Working as a substitute teacher, i had a sixth grader hand in a poem that went: “Roses are red, violets are Blue I am single, how about you?”

She also worked her phone number into another poem she handed in.

14. I’m going to go ahead and cringe for everyone reading this.

Not a teacher, but this one girl had such a blatantly huge crush on my film studies teacher when we were 15/16 – she herself was mixed-race and would ask the poor guy if he “preferred white chocolate, dark chocolate or caaaaaramelwinkyface” safe to say that was awkward for everyone present in the room

13. There’s never a wrong time to quote Mary Poppins.

Back when I was teaching preschool. Three-year-olds don’t do subtle. He always wanted to hold my hand when we went on walks, to sit next to me at circle time, and just to look at me with puppy eyes. It was adorable, but at the same time it was a relief when he grew out of it.

Years later, I was teaching an all-boy class at a vocational high school and was lucky enough to get a bright new teacher on a Comenius exchange to co-teach the class with me. She was also quite attractive and the boys…. reacted. Since it was an English language class, I got a kick out of doing my best Mary Poppins impression: “Close your mouth, please, we are not a codfish.”

12. Is it just me, or does this sound like potentially dangerous behavior?

I teach at a local university and I’ve had a few including one who used to sketch me during class, one who tried to put his arm around me, etc. The most obvious and persistent was a student who used to follow me after class every day, show up at my office “just to talk,” and spent all of his time attempting to look down my shirt. He ended up dropping out of college halfway through the semester.

11. If that’s not a perfect history teacher response, I don’t know what is!

I’m not a teacher, but I do have a story of when I was a HS student. It was my senior year and I had a crush on this young history teacher. he would come on model un trips with us as a chaperone so he knew who I was. It was my birthday and he heard from a different teacher across the hall. He said “happy birthday” to me, and my response was “thanks, I’m 18.” I blurted it out very quickly and realized literally the second it left my mouth how inappropriate it was. His response, “well you can vote now!”

10. Now that kid has all of our hearts, let’s be honest.

I had a student who had a rough life. Mom pretty much abandoned him,and grandma was raising him by pawning him off to family on the weekends. I knew he was going to have a rough life if someone didn’t step in and let him know he mattered. He asked me one day how I would know if someone loved me. I jokingly replied that that person would bring me coffee in the morning. A few days later he came into the gym with a huge smile and a cup of gas station coffee. He walked right up and handed it to me along with a bag of creamers and sugars. He said he didn’t know how I liked my coffee so he grabbed one of each. He saved his allowance, and asked his grandma to leave for school early so he could stop by the gas station. The next year he brought me a coffee mug so I could remember him when I drank my morning coffee. That kid will always have my heart.

9. I have no idea how teachers handle social media these days.

In the days of msn, I got a chat invite from someone who had the same last name as me. I assumed it was a relation, but they didn’t say anything and so I left for a bit to eat. I came back and saw a couple more people had been added to the chat and saw they’d been talking about me. I realised they were students because they referred to me as ‘Miss –‘. They were teasing one of the others for his crush on me and he was defending my ‘massive ass’ as ‘hot’.

8. Props to that guy for keeping his private life so totally under wraps for 4 years.

I had a crush on my teacher in high school. After I graduated, I asked him out to lunch with my best friend and me. He agreed. We met up a few days later and he walked in… with his husband. That was a rough day for me.

7. Well, that was a quick turnaround, but props for logic and math abilities.

I had a kid ask me to marry him the other day. Then he proceeded to say I would be way to old for him by the time he was old enough to get married.

6. He had that followup ready to go!

I had a student ask me if I was married….yes. This was followed by, “but are you happily married?” I started teaching way too young.

Edit: Appreciate the silver and gold! I’m glad to have amused y’all with my awkward moment.

5. That’s definitely hard to hide, right guys?

When I was playing Hamlet in the school play, and the girl playing Ophelia got stage fright at the last minute, so the drama teacher had to costume up and sub in for her, on her knees in a low-cut bodice, hanging onto my leg, and screaming, “Oh, help him, you sweet heavens!”.

I got a boner in front of 500 people.

4. You might be easily forgotten, but you might not. First loves are tricky!

I taught Pre-K and one student always wanted to he around me and would pretend to slip up and call me mom. He saw my phone had a screensaver of me and my at the time boyfriend and he got all mad and said I should break up with him lol. Kids are adorable, I doubt he’ll remember me in a few years

3. That’s such a tough situation to handle.

I was a special needs teacher. There was zero subtlety. One student would constantly try to lift up my skirt.

2. Toxic masculinity rears its ugly head again.

I teach at a university and students ask me out. I had a student once ask me out in front of the class while I was teaching, but I think it was more a power move than anything else.

Edit: Bonus story! I teach a sexuality class and a student brought up negging. I asked the class for a definition and one dude goes, “you’re pretty for a sociologist.” The entire class was horrified that he had negged me.

1. Ah, the sweet innocence of little children.

I taught preschool and the owners grandson would tell everyone we were going to get married once he was done with first grade. He even gave me mittens with hearts on them because hearts are for love.
He’s in middle school now and doesn’t remember me. ????????‍♀️

Just one more reason teachers are saints because I’m not sure I could be so consistently gracious.

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? Did they know about it? Tell us what happened in the comments!