15+ Things Europeans Think They Do Better Than Americans (And They’re Not Wrong)


There are many reasons why you should be proud of being an American, but there comes a time when you just have to admit that other countries do it better.

What, exactly, is it? Well, these 17 things are an awfully good start.

17. Seriously this should be a thing everywhere.

16. No elaboration needed.

15. We are a nation of prudes.

14. Who has time for lifestyle changes?

13. Having fun.

12. Building restroom doors.

11. Cheese and bread.

10. This actually makes me want to cry.

9. You mean there’s more than one?

8. I’ll need to taste test to confirm.

7. Change starts at home and all that.

6. Drinking in public.

5. I was repeatedly advised I was ordering too much food when in Europe.

4. I mean they’re not wrong.

3. Being less annoying.

2. Taking holidays seriously.

1. Baby stuff.


Time to do some more traveling!