15 Things That Really Bother Your Starbucks Barista


There are more than a few things that customers do that, after a few hundred shifts, really get under your skin if you work in the service industry.

Baristas serve coffee and delicious pastries day in and day out, and if there’s one making your mornings better (and more caffeinated), you’re going to want to make sure you’re not pissing them off by doing one of these 15 things.

15. Changing your order a million times.

Flat whites are my favorite drink to make from starbucks

You can’t just expect them to juggle ingredients and milks while you hem and haw.

14. Asking for ice water when you pick up your other order.

yes i have a venti water for free loader from starbucks

Just pay the 20 cents for the cup, loser.

13. Insisting they spell your name right.

Me: Ok can I have your name? Her: Sure, it’s Luci with an I. from starbucks

No, they don’t care.

12. Not using the trash can.

Anyone wanna tell me why another Starbucks made my gfs drink like this. She asked for whip and he dumped out her latte and put whip then a flat lid? She didn’t know any better to ask for a dome, there’s no way this could be policy right. from starbucks

Would your mother let you get away with that?

11. Acting like you’ve been waiting forever when you haven’t.

BOGO at Tarbucks with 1 espresso machine. FML from starbucks

There’s a system. We all need our coffee. Wait your turn.

10. Too many customizations.

Happy Sunday to everyone except Kate from starbucks

Seriously, you’re just trying to be difficult.

9. Getting annoyed if they ask you to repeat something.

When your SSV tells a car in DT it’s okay to place a 20 drink order… from starbucks

Big group orders are a pain no matter where you work.

8. Talking on the phone while you order.

This Starbucks has a TV screen menu??? from starbucks

This is so rude. Don’t do it.

7. Expecting them to interpret your mumble.

E-nunc-i-ate. Also it’s loud in here.

6. Not being ready when you get to the front of the line.

All of these drinks got placed in a mobile order 20 minutes before the 50% happy hour from starbucks

5. Pointing and ordering “that.”

Use your words, folks.

4. Asking “is that my drink?”

My name is Lucy from starbucks

Is your name on it? Then no.

3. Taking the wrong drink.

made a drink during my shift today that was so ungodly awful i had to make it for my friends and let them try it. it’s been accurately described as “pain in a cup” by another partner. from starbucks

Nope, still not your name.

2. Reaching over the counter.

My BOGO nightmare. All while our primary bar kept flooding the counter ???? from starbucks

This is my dance space. This is your dance space.

1. Dumping your coffee in the trash to make room for cream.

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It’s called asking for “room” noobs.


I think I’m good!