The world of online dating is pretty rough. Tinder, in particular, seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes – for good reason. It’s such a low-stakes situation – say something weird and get rejected? No worries, you can always just swipe on and match with someone else!

The Instagram page Tinder Nightmares has 2 million followers and it serves up the most awkward, hilarious, and painful Tinder conversations imaginable.

Get a load of these…

1. STD? Really?

2. Hahahahaha

3. Just one night baby

4. A little too early for that

5. Wow

6. Favorite President?

7. Blew it

8. Oh he did it

9. Classy gent

10. Relax…

11. Burned

12. No thanks

13. That’s all she wrote

14. Can’t count yet

15. Kind of disgusting

16. Need to change that name

17. Here’s the proof

18. Paranoia

19. Hmmmm

20. Please don’t tell me that worked

Nightmares, indeed.