Mental health issues are no joke. Suffering from anxiety or depression can be absolutely crippling, and can even affect you physically.

Still, laughter is the best medicine and while it might be tough to find much mirth in the midst of a depressive episode, if you can manage to scare up a few chuckles, it really does help a lot.

If you’re having a rough day, week, month, or year, take a look at these funny tweets about mental health.

1. Like this?

2. True

3. Tell us more

4. Hahaha

5. This might catch on

6. LOL

7. Self care

8. That’s not good

9. Sounds healthy

10. That’s a yes

11. #NonStopWorry

12. Finally!

13. Samesies

14. BFF

15. That’s a start

Ahhhhh, now that feels a little bit better, doesn’t it?