15 Tweets from Dads Who Have Accepted the Hilarious, Undignified Reality of Fatherhood


You lose many things when you become a parent, and yes, dignity certainly makes that list.

A reality these 15 dads are definitely living…

Proof below.

15. I mean at least they’re not currently destroying anything.

14. I hope your self esteem can take a beating.

13. I’m sure they just moved along.

12. You definitely wonder why you bother talking.

11. A stark realization.

10. Anyone? Anyone at all?

9. That’s all?

8. This is your full time job now.

7. She’s not wrong.

6. Repeat with sunscreen, diaper cream, soap…

5. Achievement unlocked.

4. Because he’s just given up, that’s why.

3. I feel his posture.

2. It gets less adorable quickly.

1. It’s your job.

Parenthood, man. It’s…great. Mostly.