15+ Tweets That Prove Cats Are Equal Parts Weird and Adorable

Image Credit: Twitter


Cats. Humans can totally live without them, but it seems we don’t want to: they’re cute, they’re funny, and maybe we’re hoping that if we feed them they’ll ultimately decide not to murder us in our sleep.

The 17 tweets below prove that we’re right to be worried, because the little floofs among us are as weird as they are adorable.

#1. Are you sure that’s a cat?

#2. She has her reasons.

#3. Cats watching cats never disappoints.

#4. He just wants to make sure you still love him.

#5. Oh, hey, fancy meeting you here!

#6. Stellar use of a hidden camera, if you ask me.

#7. It’s best to make yourself look large in the face of a potential threat.

#8. This cat is basically a toddler.

#9. That’s everyone’s dilemma, my friend, regardless of profession.

#10. He’s pretty sure no one can see him now.

#11. Er.

#12. They do not care about your wants, human.

#13. An apt comparison.

#14. I’m going to go ahead and blame “parenting.”

#15. Someone is confused about the predator/prey relationship here, and it’s everyone.

#16. She’s not exaggerating. Fair warning.

#17. Just living up to his namesake, is all.

Cats: Still the best argument for the internet.