17 Parents Share Priceless Before and After Having Kids Photos


Becoming a parent is awesome and life changing. Sure, there are those sleepless nights and tantrums that make you think back to simpler times when you were single or it was just you and your significant other. But overall, it’s positive. Check out these 17 parents whose lives drastically changed after having kids.

1. This is what parenting feels like, in a nutshell.

2. From “sexiest man alive” to sticker sheet.

3. She wanted one of these pictures taken way more than the other.

4. From “let’s stay up all night” to “I can’t believe the baby kept us up all night.”

5. Oh, how things change.

6. This young girl hasn’t even turned five-years-old and she’s already a mother.

7. If you’re that old and sleeping in a race car bed, something either went right or went really wrong.

8. Dads make great ice cream catchers.

9. Get used to it. No food is safe anymore.

10. She’s still got time to sneak a drink.

11. The cat got a demotion.

12. From party animal to professional hairstylist.

13. A ladies man through and through.

14. There’s nothing more metal than waking your dad up at 6 am.

15. Kids make for great strength training.

16. Other parents: I feel like my kid is holding me prisoner.


17. Raising a future party animal.

What can you say? Kids sure do age a person…