20 Hilarious Snapshots of Squirrels and Foxes to Brighten Your Day

©Instagram, julianradwildlife


Wildlife photographer Julian Rad spends a lot of time in the woods of his native Australia, where he takes the most amazing shots of local woodland critters – like squirrels and foxes –frolicking through the forest. His work is so good, he’s even won the Comedy Wildlife Photography Award in 2015.

Take a look at Rad’s intimate snapshots of animals like you’ve never seen them before – and be sure to check out his Instagram and Facebook pages for more!

1. Red Squirrel

2. Make a wish

3. Almost… there…

4. Happy

5. Stop and smell the roses

6. A nice fragrance

7. Ahhhhh

8. Made a new friend

9. Your replacements

10. Run for it!

11. Can I help you with something?

12. Picking flowers

13. “I have found the chosen one. It is I…”

14. Oooooooooohhhhhhh

15. I have something for you

16. Hang in there

17. Cheese!

18. Loving it

19. Thirst

20. Fight night

So glad I’ve already got my squirrel fix for the day!