A Japanese scientist created a ringtone that makes a woman’s boobs bigger.

Gone are the days of silicon implants. Now with the advancement of the technology girls have a better option to enlarge their breasts. Recently Dr Hideto Tomabechi of Japan invented a “rock melon” ring-tone by which women’s breasts will enlarge if they are exposed to that sound. The media reports that the ring tone sounds like a baby crying for a long time.

The advantage of this ring-tone is there will not be any scars or surgery involved. The women can look voluptuous and increase the size of their breasts to 3 centimeters just by hearing the ring-tone 20 times a day over a period of 10 days. Dr Hideto Tomabechi said that he made this ring-tone to prove that the so-called “functional” sounds can affect a woman’s neurochemistry and physiology. However, the doctor did not provide any demonstration of the whole invention nor he gave any information or methodology for testing the ring-tone.

The sources say that “rock melon” is available on-line as well and women from all over the world are scrambling on web to download the ring-tone. However, the doctor said that the ring-tone that is leaked on-line is only a demo-version of the actual ring-tone. The doctor did not cite any reason how the ring-tone would work on women. It seems that there can be some hormonal changes in women after she listens to that specific ring-tone. The doctor has released a video where he stated that there is a “muscular message” which shows that the fat stored in a woman’s belly and butt move towards her breast. This can be an added advantage for a woman as in this way her body can be toned down as well.


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