People who eat sweets are sweeter

Sweets, such as candy and chocolate, are known to lift children’s spirits, but new research from Gettysburg College, North Dakota State University (NDSU), Fargo and Saint Xavier University reveals that eating these treats can improve people’s dispositions as well.

During this multi-part study, which appears in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers identified several examples of how individuals who eat sweeter foods have more social personalities. For example, one portion of the research revealed that participants who ate a specific brand of chocolate were more likely to volunteer to help someone in need compared to those who ate a cracker or nothing at all.

In another part of the study, researchers learned that people who enjoy sweet foods, such as candy or chocolate cake, tend to be more helpful or agreeable. These results have led those behind the research to believe that people can predict how nice someone will be based on whether or not he or she enjoys sweets.

“Our results suggest there is a real link between sweet tastes and pro-social behavior,” said Michael D. Robinson, professor of psychology at NDSU.

Individuals who have a sweet tooth and are curious to see how their eating habits affect their disposition may want to take a personality test.


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