Four Movies People Have Died Watching

The Passion of the Christ: 2004

A woman died of an apparent heart attack while watching the climactic crucifixion scene in “The Passion of the Christ” in Wichita, Kansas. The film was stopped and a nurse in attendance went to the woman’s side, KAKE-TV in Wichita reported. “It was the highest emotional part of the movie,” a spokeswoman for the station said.

Black Swan: 2011

At a cinema in Latvia, a 42-year-old man was shot dead for eating popcorn too loudly while watching the movie “Black Swan.” When the credits rolled, a younger man pulled out a legally registered firearm and shot the other man dead. Other audience members then called the police and an ambulance.

Avatar: 2009

A 42-year-old Taiwanese man died of “excitement” after watching this movie. He reportedly felt ill while watching the film, then headed to the hospital. When he arrived at the emergency room, he was unconscious. The man died 11 days later. “It’s likely that the over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms,” Dr. Peng Chin-chih told Agence France Presse.

Twilight: 2010

In Wellington, New Zealand, a 23-year-old man was found slumped over in his chair after a Sunday night showing of the film. Paramedics were not able to resuscitate him and stated that he might have been dead in that chair for over an hour. There were no obvious injuries to the young man and the death was unexplained.


  • The twillight one is obvious… that movie is so stupid and bad

  • Heather. Shut up. It’s a shit movie.

    • Don’t u dare tell me to shut up, it is incredibly rude. LOOK AT THE BOX OFFICE RATINGS

      • Heather, do you like to sparkle? …C’mon, they aint even proper vampires! I’m with Jeremiah on this one.

      • what a retarded argument. Vampires are not real, they are fiction, therefore movies and books can do whatever they want with them. And yes, I do like to sparkle, I just got some glitter lotion that is great. they also make a shimmer lotion that is nice depending on the type of sparkle you like. I’m just a happy shiny person

      • Aha, of course. Now it all makes sense. Thank you.

      • your welcome presjzuma, i like your name, what does it mean?

      • I agree with Heather, she did nothing wrong but state her opinion like everyone else. Sheesh.

    • Yeah, and Jeremiah stated his own opinion too. Why should people respect her opinion if she can’t respect others?

      She says ‘ur like the only person that thinks that.’
      Later on she says, ‘Thanks blabla for not being part of the herd.’

      So I’m confused, did you just change your facts Heather, or what?

  • Haha. Sucks for them.

  • Actually, the Twilight movies are pretty good. They get better all the time. Don’t go with the “public” opinion and say that they suck, just because they’re not the kind of movies you watch… I feel so bad for having to explain this to people, but what can I do. Sigh.

    • Thank you Alice. Instead of going with the herd and saying these movies suck they should just look at the box office ratings and see what the rest of the world thinks through numbers. Can never argue with numbers

      • The movies make a lot of money, that doesn’t mean they’re good. I haven’t seen them, so I can’t say they’re bad, but the fact that they did well at the box office does not make them good films.

      • Maybe they aren’t going with the “public” opinion. Maybe people honestly think that it sucks. Just saying. Personally, I don’t like the movies because they have a “cardboard” quality.

      • Box office numbers include all of the people who watched it and didn’t enjoy it. This applies to all films, which is why if a general opinion of a film is that its bad, then it usually means its bad.

      • So spider man 3 was a good movie???? It got loads of ratings…….. but its still one of the worst films ever directed/acted/made. Anything with Toby Maguire doing salsa means its shit, especially when he’s spider man. Just because twighlight is watched a lot doesnt mean its good, it just means alot of people read the books. Hey Heather………. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU CRAZY WHORE

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    Fun Facts

  • When I watched Avatar, I felt like I died of boredom a dozen times or more.

  • Jeremiah, Joel, Kyle, and Lauren are asserting their opinions as if we asked them if they liked it. The topic was about whether or not the movie was good; these little things called facts that together make up proof are involved in the big world out there. So kitties sorry to make your lives seem small but may I say that the movies are an accomplishment beyond anything you’ve done. In terms that actually matter? It’s fact!

    • lol you don’t have to ask for an opinion for someone to give theirs. That’s the beauty of the freedom of speech. And who cares if they made a movie that sold a lot of money?That doesn’t make them any more accomplished than anyone else. “Accomplishment” is a subjective term like “beauty” and “red” and it’s up to the person how accomplished they are. So yeah, Twilight sucked and even the people that like it know it doesn’t make much sense.

  • I hit the floor during Flatliners – luckily I came round again – with a crowd around me. I must have had a premonition about what would happen, because my date was a nurse.

  • LOL. Twilight is really a killer movie.

  • the passion of christ is a really emotional movie… i couldn’t stop crying

  • Twilight…er…Toilet, the whole series, from concept to books then movies was a steaming pile of dog feces! It is loosely based on Dracula, Beauty and the Beast and Romeo & Juliette with very little character substance. Vampires? Pffffttt…The whole thing would have made better sense if they were a new type of monster. The whore that is Bella? C’mon people…and the actors in the movies?!?!?!?!?!?! Holy shit were they terrible! The Series was aimed at a 13 yr old girl demographic and thats about as mature and rounded as the whole thing was. This kind of crap makes me sick!!!

  • Minnie strachan

    Wow! Over excitment ? That’s something I’ve never heard of and I thought it would be a woman who’d die watching twilight.

  • the twilight movie ratings are twice as high as they should be. simply because millions of poor defenseless boyfriends were forced to watch it because they’re girlfriends like shitty movies.

  • Lol! I see why someone would die watching such a terrible movie as twilight XP

  • Wow. I agree with the Twihards<3 Twilight is an amazing movie and they just get better and better! The box office numbers are so high! You can't argue with numbers! We don't know why that guy died:/ He could have had a heart attack or something:S Twilight movies/books are amazing, thank you very much. I just can't wait until November 16 2012!!

    • You can argue with numbers, most definitely. When it comes to peoples opinions, numbers are weak. Who’s to say how many of the people who bought a ticket actually enjoyed the film? Also its aimed at pre-teens to teens, who would probably go with parents or friends, did they enjoy the film?

  • OMG this is like something that you never think would happen and then it does. It shocks you so much xxxxxxxx

  • OMG. why does people fight with each other because of their opinions? if you want others to respect your opinion, then respect their’s first. It’s nonsense to have this petty fight over something that you can’t even change. =)

  • First off a movie company can make a lot of money but it could be a bad movie. Let take a look at the videogame industry kids. Call of Duty MW3 was released last yet on the 8th of November. It sold 1 billion dollars within a couple weeks. When people started making videos criticizing it. They made the game look bad. Obviously to most people it’s not a good game but Activision made a game that sold the most money in the Entertainment industry ever. That means movies and games. So yes a game or movie can make a lot of money but it doesn’t mean that it was a good movie or everyone liked it. Plus it’s called advertising which pulls the viewer in and makes them want to get the game or go see the movie. So all the people that saw it did not think it was good and some people did so the numbers aren’t everything BITCHES!!!

  • Wow! Why would a guy be “over excited” for watching Twilight? I tried watching that thing… Dora the explorer makes more sense

  • Twilight is boring shit. Deal with it, Heather. The poor man died of boredom. Or laughing; even I laughed really hard when Edward sparkled.

  • so we all agree…twilight sucks 🙂

  • Twilight IS a shitty movie, yes the box ratings are sky high but, if you read the books the movie doesn’t even compare, the books are awesome! Kristen is such a bad actress and seriously a nasty skiny english boy for Edward? Wow dissapointing!

  • 95% of all “Twitards” are 12 year old girls and 45 year old cougars that are unhappy with their marriages. If those were 45 year old men drooling over a couple 16 year old girls, everyone would say that were sick, perverted, pedophiles….Face it, most girls’ bias view keeps them from seeing how terrible the acting is…

  • Twilight- so awful it makes people commit suicide unintentionally.

  • Whoa. I’ve only seen Avatar and Twilight, but Avatar was okay the first time around, and I only “liked”, I say that loosly, the first Twilight movie, well half of it, the others… Not so much.

  • Twilight may have good B.O. ratings. But Harry Potter’s were better, higher, and given higher ratings on film review sites than those shitty Twilight movies.

    Also, am I the only person who thought the death would be from a suicide from a boyfriend forced to seeing it?

  • First of i would like to go on record and state that Heather is trolling because no one can be serious about liking Twilight. Having said that, since you like to defend Twilight using numbers i have some for you and that is the score it got on IMDB which are 5.3 for Twilight and that is the highest score any of the Twilight movies have gotten.

  • Twilight is shit. I think I’d definitely rather die than watch it. It has high ratings because young idiot girls have no idea what is good…I mean come on they think Justin Bieber is good and he’s clearly a little bratty cunt. Anyone who likes shit like Twilight is ruining it for the rest of us when the companies think it’s a green light to make crappy teeny movies. Fuck off.

  • I actually think “Avatar” was pretty craptastic also…sorry all…

  • Love how the majority of these comments were about Twilight and Avatar and NOT the other two brilliant movies. I did see Avatar, which is fine in theaters but wouldn’t rent it. Have not seen Twilight and likely never will (I don’t care for watching vampires unless Buffy is staking them). The Passion of The Christ was VERY good (even though the well known actor who produced and directed the film is a bonafide douchebag). Black Swan I may rent since it got those Oscar noms and wins.

    As for the theater deaths, I feel sorry for them and their families and friends. Sucks to die anywhere but peacefully in one’s sleep.

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