5 Instances of Sex… And Death

Imagine doing it and doing it and BAM, it all goes wrong. Well, that’s exactly what happened to these people! From Urbantitan, we present, the list of 5 Most Bizarre Deaths During Sex.

1. Sex + Road = Danger

This couple in the photo for some reason chose to pose for the photo whilst lying down in the middle of the road. A couple from Namibia however decided to go one step further by having sex in the middle of the road. The outcome saw them both run over by a truck. The post mortem on the bodies revealed that the couple both had high levels of alcohol in their system. I think the equation should be rewritten: sex + road + alcohol = high risk of danger!

2. Shagged to Death

A 30-year-old man named Robert Ashitey literally did just that to his 75(!!!)-year-old partner, Suameter Denou, in Ghana. Rampant Robert didn’t even notice his partner had died and was carrying on as normal. He only stopped when Suameter’s caretaker walked in, realised what was happening and hit Robert over the head with a stick. Rampant Robert is now on trial for murder as Suameter’s family seek compensation for funeral expenses.

3. The Funeral Hearse

There’s something horribly ironic about dying in a funeral hearse. But it happens; just look at the case of Jose Agustino Noha. He worked in a funeral home and romantically had a favourite hearse he used to invite his girlfriend to spend some quality time in with him. After one occasion of doing the dirty the couple fell asleep and never woke up again. They’d suffocated in their sleep after leaving the car running and carbon monoxide was leaked from the engine.

4. Doing it on the Roof

Young lovebirds Brent Tyler and Chelsea Tumbleston from South Carolina met in the bar they worked in together. The 21-year-old couple got caught up in the heat of passion one night after work…on the roof. During their lovemaking they fell off said roof, which was 15 metres high. Their naked bodies were found on the road below by a taxi driver. In what must have looked like part two of the Namibian couple in the road at first, it was realised soon after that they had begun their intercourse on the roof where their clothes were found.

5. A Man and his Horse

In 2005 a man was found dead on his ranch in Washington. It was discovered that he had died from internal bleeding after having sex with his horse. Police investigating soon discovered that the man was part of a disturbing cult who regularly took part in beastiality. Also found in the storehouse was a large quantity of porn featuring animals. To top the bizarreness surrounding this case, no one was charged after the incident because sodomy is not illegal in Washington.

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