God Has Been Sued Twice!

Up until today, there have been 2 lawsuits against God. Here they are, explained.

In 2007, Nebraska State Senator, Ernie Chambers sued God to prove a point. He wanted to show that anyone can sue another person for almost any reason. In Chambers’ suit against God he claims that God has made terroristic threats against both him and his constituents and has caused “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants.” In addition, he was suing him for causing “fearsome floods … horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes.”

In the second lawsuit, a Romanian prisoner sued God claiming that God failed to keep him from the Devil. “God received different material valuables from me, as well as prayers in exchange for promises of a better life. In reality, this did not happen – I found myself in the devil’s hands,” Pavel M said.



  • Hey, whatever gets you the best deal, right? Although, you can’t choose your enemies too carefully. LOL 😉

  • all I can say is WOW… it is true that anyone can sue anyone for even the most ridiculous of reasons but this is a bit much, if there is a Heaven I know two people who are going to have a very tough time explaining themselves and trying to get through the pearly gates…WOW I am sure God is laughing his royal bum off

  • It would be very easy to win against him, with lawyers being so rare in his homeland.

  • oh wow really on the second one. It never says in the Bible that after you give your life to God that your life would get better. It says its going to be rough but God is going to be with you through it all

  • For some reason I misread that as “terrible tomatoes,” which sounds like the sort of think I should sue God for.

  • I’m so proud of humanity as of the moment. LOL

  • how can they sue something that doesnt even exist?

    • You must be joking…. He exist….A fool says in his heart there is no GOd…Get it?

      • THAT must be a joke. You have absolutely no fucking clue or knowledge of this immortal being’s existance. A FOOL says that ‘God’ exists when he or she does not have 100% proof or knowledge of it. The simple IDEA of god exists, yes,. But is there a supernatural deity existant as far as we know? No. Is there an immortal ‘god’ as far as we know? No. You are no Christian or Catholic if you say ‘he exists’. You are in complete defiance of religion because you did not say ‘we believe he exists.’ You have to choose faith over proof in order to be religious and agree with your gospels; otherwise you are another fundamentalist like the rest. Talk civil, when you say ‘god’ exists, you speak for us all, no, some of us choose not believe in something as absurd as religion has to offer. YOU sound like a complete uneducated fool when you bring up a comment as nonsensical as what you posted.

        Define:Exist – Have objective reality or being.

        Define:Faith – Strong BELIEF in a god.

        Define:Belief – Something one accepts to be true or real; a firmly held OPINION or conviction.

        So to your question, no, none of us gets “it” because what you said makes absolutely NO sense what so ever.

      • ExasperatedCollegeStudent

        *wipes face in downward motion*
        The necessity of that proves to be nothing more than pushing an ideal into someone who simply didn’t place as much EMPHASIS on this subject as you did. It HONESTLY was unnecessary beyond anyone’s understanding. Opinions are held upon the highest of unexplainable things. YOU may be able to define God for yourself, but being that you’re human CLEARLY makes you infallible. Nothing you say is TRUTH or FACT, it is simply a subjective belief that you should post in the context of being SIMPLY your opinions and not as if a “GOD” himself whispered this verbatim your ear.

      • It is all in manner of prospective and belief… =)

  • I just cnt laugh

  • Lmao thts so funny

  • How did thy get the money from him ?

  • Wow.. Stupid

  • May God have mercy on their souls

  • You can’t sue what doesn’t exist.

  • This people are silly God can’t be sued by anyone

  • It’s a good thing God isn’t real, or they’d be fucked

  • Isn’t it kinda funny during this era
    in 21th centuey, there are fuckin damn dosh bags that don’t believe in GOD!!!!!!! Seriously, while the world knows three rightious religons. Dudes look around u use your fuckin minds, SUCH BLAH BLAH BLAH, STUPID PEOPLE THESE DAYS!!!!

  • How can you sue an idea… If God doesn’t exist then how can you get money from him? And if he did exist why should he agree to the court ruling?

  • omg these two bitches r so fucking stupid, get a lif morons, hope both of the burn and fry in hell, period.

  • I’ve seen stupid people in my life. But these two have crossed the line of all time stupidity….smh* smgdh*

  • I hope they get Saved by believing in the precious blood of the Christ… Jesus WILL change your life for the better IF you let him into your heart and invite him. ¨Behold! I stand at the door and knock.¨

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