Young Men Are More Emotionally Affected By Failed Relationships

But now it seems men are more sensitive to the end of a relationship than previously thought.

Contrary to popular belief it is men who suffer more when a partnership ends, a new report has claimed.

It found that men in their early twenties find breaking up and the highs and lows of romantic relationships more traumatic than women.

This is because by that age women may already have a network of close relationships made up of friends and family in addition to a partner.

Young men, however, often lack that support. If their romantic partner is the only person that they confide in they are more emotionally vulnerable when that is taken away – even if they don’t put their feelings on display.

When a relationship goes wrong it has a greater impact on younger men’s identity and self-worth, sociology experts said.

Prof Melanie Bartley, a sociology professor from University College London, said: “Young women do tend to have wider relationships with friends and family by this time to rely on. Young men don’t tend to confide in each other and that can make them feel isolated. Their friendship groups are more competitive than nurturing. They are just as sensitive as women but it’s a matter of whether they feel valued.”

According to the survey, while men found rocky relationships more stressful than women they were also more likely to reap greater emotional benefits from an ongoing happy romance.

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