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    Except Gandy (and that was 15 years ago), there is nothing that differs Apple. Look wider. Everybody assemblies in China. Apple tried to build factories in US, but failed financially. And I doubt this incredible 14 K price of building an iPad, because assembly is just a fraction of cost. Another thing is that even small difference is huge in the economy of scale, and in US there is no flexibility and number of engineers available in China. US just don’t cut when fast reaction is a must. Me too 🙂

  • I saw this and immediately thought about building subways in Toronto (North America’s 7th largest city and the largest City in Canada. It took something like 4 years and $20 billion dollars to build 6kms of subway whereas in Spain, it took them one year to build 100km of subway at a fraction of the cost. In this case unions, but north americans expect their wages to allow them to purchase riches from around the world/ It’s unrealistic and it’s the reason that companies like Apple have to go to china to keep the price of an iPad under that of a car.

    Just my thoughts/

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    a dozen chinese commit suicide by apple.

  • the best elements for making electronic devices R foumd in China, but not in the U.S., and if imported, the Chinese make U.S. companies pay thru the nose. Another reason it’s just not feasible to make electronics in the U.S.

  • That’s one of the reasons why US Wars overseas are is so lucrative…

  • Wow! I’m sure glad iPads weren’t made over here. And all of Apple’s other stuff. 😛

  • video no work

  • ColdFire98, are you taking into account the overhead related to the production, not just the wages given to the workers? Take into account the cost of the buildings, the taxes, the fees associated with manufacturing in the USA would be astronomical. $1100 is an extremely conservative estimate, I would venture to guess it would cost several thousand dollars more.

    • Well, the buildings in other countries have their own costs too, the taxes are probably higher there if we rely on the fact that Apple is a foreign company to them (no country would let a foreign company exploit their population without paying high taxes) and the cost of the transporting would be highly reduced.

  • stupid as hell. 14 grand? Gaurentee it would cost about 1,200-2,000 Maximum. That’s including the labor, material cost, defects, etc.

  • It would cost MUCH less than this, all it would change is how much you pay for the assembling and the mining of the materials, which would probably cost just a few hundred dollars.Added to this, it would cost much less in transportation because you don’t have to import your iPads from china.

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