• that girls a bitch

  • She needs to stop acting like his mother.

  • bitch needs to shut up

  • Chill lady, you’re not his mom.

  • It really wasn’t her place to demand that of him, bad journalism right there. No objectivity what’s so ever, just a really annoying attack on an obnoxious 16 year old.

  • news lady is a cunt, his glasses have nothing to do with anything! Obviously this boy is the shiit, they made a movie about him.

  • what a cunt, good on him for not telling her to shut her mouth. dont ever aplogize for having a good time.

  • His glasses have nothing to do with the sincerity of his apology to the community. She was basically trying to be a controlling bitch.

  • “take off your glasses.”
    Really Lady? Who the fuck are you, is mother?! Why don’t you shut up and stop acting like your his mother or something. Seriously! I wouldn’t have taken my glasses off, either.

  • toast is good with butter project x was the shit , johnny c ps niggas that girls a skanky ho bag

  • Whoa whoa whoa hold on a minute! These guys have British accents and are being charged in a American currency…something is fishy here

  • I wouldve took ma glasses off n said b*tch n walked away

  • Stupid kid, this is your future britan , america a grop of monkeys not a real men

  • Woww really?I hope that stupid blonde lost her job, be proffessional, damn. kids a badass let his parents deal with him and mind you’re own business. nosey bitch.

  • Wow that news lady was horrible! And this guy is a total boss. Why would she damn so much? He is a fucking rebel! Envy

  • Nice interviewing skills ? I wanted to hear about the party not this shit heads sun glasses . Obviously there was a reason his eyes were hidden .. Doi?

  • Uau so many little kids in this site… he was in the wrong, he made a party without consent, ok he’s a teen he’s supposed to rebel a bit, but when things go out of hand he must take responsibility. If he was my kid I would make him work to pay the fine and apologize to every neighbor in person. About the news reporter, she may have been out of hand, she’s not his mother, but still… it’s a bit enraging when a puny punk like him thinks he’s the owner of the world or something…
    I just hope you little boys and girls get kids like this one day and then ask yourself…”What have I done wrong?”, then you’ll understand… or not, and then the rest of society will just evict with to the wastelands (hopefully…).

    P.S.: I’m still 25, so a I’m kid myself (or maybe not…), but you guys/girls are so dumb, that I can’t help but call you little boys and girls, because clearly you have the mental capacity of a 5 year old child… you just whine and complain and don’t even understand the big picture. Well the world will teach you sooner or later, it’s a savage jungle out there, only the strong survive… the rest are just meat for the grinder. Be well!

    • I’m 16, I’ve done things without my parents consent, I would have loved to be at that party but unfortunately I live in Sydney not Melbourne anyways what I’m saying is I completely agree with you, no the lady is not his mother but it would have been unprofessional for her to act like his party was completely ohkay .. its the news not Facebook, the viewers are a majority of parents who would have acted the same in her situation not teenagers high-fiving each other over how awesome that party was. Also, he was being a brat for not taking off his “famous sunglasses” and just apologising. Respect lost there for being cocky.

    • you’re just as bad as her. If she were a real journalist, she would of been able to be level-headed and mature.

    • I agree with u, I’m 21 and party but seriously this kid is a moron… If you screw up so bad be a man and take responsibilities. But what can you do when the parents raised a moron. Only a child would do something like that and then try to get out of it. The lady was a bit bossy but i see where she is coming from, if you are apologizing take off the damb glasses, the eyes are the window to the soul, but shit this kid probably doesn’t have one so IDK… it pissed me off how dumb this idiot looked. PARTY AS LONG AS YOU CAN BUT BE READY TO DEAL WITH THE CONSAQUENCES.

    • fuck all of y’all. bitches party to death

  • Aussies know that kid is a fuckwit.

  • Old people don’t get it. This lady is clearly just an old bitter skanky bitch who doesn’t know how to have fun. This guy is a fucking BOSS, and so are his glasses, bitch.

  • thisssss bitch … she just blew me

  • Aussiee Rep boiii 😛

  • That kids a hero.

  • Wow that kid is epic 😀 he sounds a little dumb at times but the interviewer is a bitch 😛 Love the end bit where he says “I have looked at my self… Everyone has, they love it”

  • While i agree w/ his throwing a party this big was wrong because of the damage i gotta say the interviewer is so unprofessional i swear she has no subtlety i would have fired her for attacking the kid

  • Haha what a bitch.

  • this guy is a G!

  • There might be just kids leaving comments on this site, but Corey was not out of line. The reporter is a fucking twat horse fucker. Corey is a moron, but we need morons in the world. If we didn’t have him we wouldn’t have the awesome movie Project X. I’m an adult and i want to throw a fucking party like that. The point is Corey was being a Boss because the reporter sucks at her job. I mean he did take responsibility by telling his neighbors he was sorry. It wasn’t sincere but at least he did it. We honestly cannot force a real apology. Anyway Project X is that SHIT!!!!

  • Corey said sorry, technically there is no such thing as a sincere apology, The world needs kids like this because it can make kids dreams come true, yeah parties like that shouldn’t happen, but look at war and everything else that stuff shouldn’t happen but it still does. The reporter shouldn’t even care about this kid, The news over exaggerate things and manipulate society to go against each other, By the way cory is young when he gets older he will realize how bad he was so when he has kids, he’s going to be completely different.

  • i want to party with this kid

  • He needs to take his glasses off. Kids these days have no respect. It’s just right to be able to look in someone’s eyes when there’s an important matter being discussed. If my kids ever do that they’ll be in their bedrooms for a month while the bruises heal.

  • Lol although it is entertaining, you wait until you all grow up and your pride and joy destroys everything you’ve ever worked for in your life.

  • ok i completely agree this i kid was wrong, i would have killed the hell out of him if he was my son, but still this bitch should leave the work to… HIS “PARENTS” not act as if she’s his mom or something. anyway he’s just a dumbass kid she should act professional and not lose control while on air and demand an opology.
    if someone drives you crazy you should give them the better cheek or else you’ll just scoot down to their level, the kid was smart and kept his cool but this woman just scooted down to his level!
    i’m 18 and ive partied hard but still this kid was wrong and this woman was a friggin nosey maniac

  • Ok, the reporter had no right to attack him like that. Yes, Corey went a bit far with the partying, but who cares? He is a 16 year old boy. A teen. I’m a teen too, and it’s our job to live our life, make mistakes and learn the consequences. The only way we can learn is the hard way. We, will only ever understand responsibility when we have to be responsible. It’s ok to party once in a while, go ahead, take it too far, go wild! Just know that the party always ends and you have to clean up after your own mess. – btw, Project X was the bitch. I loved it 😀

    • Destroyingshitisntcool

      You have to start learning to be responsible when you’re a teenager. Do you think that journey begins once you turn 18? Tell that to pregnant 15 year olds. This whole YOLO garbage mentality that pop culture is feeding into kids heads these days has to stop. You all think it’s fun and games, and ‘old people’ need to lighten up. When your property gets destroyed and you have to clean up the mess left from ragers like this, when there is some punk ass kid’s vomit in your driveway and you only get half an hour of sleep because you actually have a job (and in my case go to school as well) maybe then you kids will take your heads out of your asses, stop making excuses for your behavior, and have some respect for those around you.

  • legendary what a dude.

  • The kid’s definitely arrogant, but this news reporter needs to quit thinking she can be a puppet master on her show. Quit trying to make him do something he doesn’t want to or have to do. Sunglasses? Please…

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