Buzz, Buzz… BOOM!

Terry Lester after his arrest.

A US man could face up to ten years in jail after allegedly turning a vibrator into an explosive device and planning to give it to an ex-girlfriend.

Minnesota man Terry Allen Lester, 37, retrofitted the sex toy with gunpowder, BB shot and buck shot, as well as an explosive trigger, news website The Smoking Gun reported.

Lester’s roommate told police that he was allegedly planning on giving the vibrator to one of three ex-girlfriends.

Lester allegedly told his roommate that “when the device was inserted into the female he would pull the trigger and it would blow them up”.

Police found tools, cables and the remains of a dismantled drill allegedly used to make the bomb at the home Lester had been living in.

Officers also discovered another vibrator among his possessions with “Merry X-mas Bitch” written on it.

Lester has been charged with possession of an explosive device and making terrorist threats.


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