Life Hacks – Everyday Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do!

I’m all about finding ways to spruce up my everyday life and now I’ll pass some of my knowledge on to you! Here are 3 things that might come in handy at some point or another!

1) Reboot The Credit Card Machine At The Supermarket

We’ve all been there – we’ve all stood in front of the most annoying person while waiting in line to buy that new Justin Bieber CD (because we all believe in purchasing music legally…) and have wanted nothing more than to get back at them! Well, here’s how you can do it!

Hold down all 4 corners of the credit card machine to reboot it!The rebooting process often takes a long time and sometimes requires an employee sign in.

2) Hack The Elevator To Go Straight To Your Floor

Here’s another simple hack you can use to get your way in life. If you’d like to go directly to your floor, all you have to do is press the desired floor and the “door close” button at the same time. Even if other floors have been pressed, the elevator will skip right over them. Tip: Try to leave the elevator quickly, as people might get upset when they realize what’s happened.

3) Buy Some Time On Your School Paper

This is a trick I wasn’t quite fortunate enough to learn in time, but might be useful to some of you! It’s the night before your report is due, and you have not finished… nor started it. Well, here’s a simple little way out. Take an .jpg or .mp3 (possibly from your new Justin Bieber CD you got at the supermarket earlier) and rename it to “TheBestReportYouveEverRead.doc.” The “paper” that your professor/teacher will be so eager to read will be “corrupt” and might just buy you an extra day or two to finish.

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