Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, I’ve decided to share with you a few things you might not have known about cheeseburgers! Warning: You might necessarily like what you’re about to read.

1) Canned Cheeseburger!

If you love cheeseburgers as much as I do, you would also like them to be more conveniently accesible.

Well, guess what… They come canned!



However, they don’t quite look like THAT when they come out of the can… They look more like this:

YUMMM! I’m not sure if I should eat that, or worry about it eating me!

2) Sex For Cheeseburgers!

That is right! A 47-year-old Christine Faith Baker was arrested back in April for offering sexual favors to a police officer in exchange for two McDonald’s dollar-menu cheeseburgers. The total cost of this meal would have been a whopping $2.75!  Should should have at least asked for a drink with that.

3) Cheeseburgers Have Been Used As Weapons! 

Back in December of 2008, Florida police arrested a 22-year-old Vincent Gonzalez for assaulting his girlfriend… with a cheeseburger! After refusing to let his girlfriend out of the car in front of their home, she threw his drink out the window and so he smashed her in the face with his cheeseburger… not once, but twice. Maybe he thought she was just really hungry?

4) Cheeseburger – Cause of stabbing!

In May of 2010, this 18-year-old boy stabbed his mother over a cheeseburger. This one isn’t so funny, so you can just watch the video below to learn more about what happened!

With all of that said, do you think cheeseburgers deserve their own holiday? Tweet me @KrisSanchez, and let me know what you think!




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