5 Not-So-Happy Meals

Today, in the midst of doing all the very important everyday stuff that I do, I was lucky enough to come across an article about some woman finding a chicken’s head mixed in with her bag of chicken tenders – THAT was inspiration for me. So, here I present to you 5 of the weirdest/grossest/youwouldntwanttofindthisinyourfood things you could ever find in your food!

1) A Condom In A Hamburger

Cate Gillon, Getty

Fast food restaurants often appear in these kinds of stories because of the rush for quick, easily prepared food and the demand for faster serving times. Even if the process went at warp speed, it’s hard to understand how something like a condom could end up on a Big Mac. Then again, it’s probably the most protection anyone has ever had from certain diseases while eating a McDonald’s sandwich.

2) A Roach In The Hash Browns


One of the biggest fears of fast food customers has to be spotting some vermin or rodents crawling around the place as they are trying to enjoy their meal. The only fear greater is actually finding bugs IN the food, like this kid did when he bit into his McDonald’s hash browns and found a dead roach fried in the center of it. It’s safe to say he was not loving it that day.

3) The Tooth in the Candy Bar

Joe Raedle, Getty

Dentists have always warned us that eating too many sweets will make your teeth fall out of your head. Apparently, working around them does the same thing. A woman in Texas bit into a Milky Way candy bar only to find a human tooth biting her back.

4) The Used Bandage in the French Fries

Scott Olson, Getty

College food always carries a notorious air of mediocrity. Some universities have scaled back their own food service staff so they can bring on fast food franchises to make up for the loss. That, apparently, isn’t much of an improvement since one woman at the University of Illinois discovered a scabby band-aid in her carton of McDonald’s french fries.

 5) The Human Skin Slice in the Chicken Sandwich

Tom Pennington, Getty

Like we said before, finding a finger in your food is frightening but it’s far from the first time. A man in Florida ordered a sandwich from a fast food restaurant and found a whole slice of bloody skin in between the buns. An investigation revealed that the restaurant’s manager was slicing lettuce when he accidentally sliced off a big chunk of his finger and after he tended to his injury, he neglected to throw out the lettuce and served it up along with the skin slice still inside of it.

The truly scary part is where this happened: it was at ANOTHER Arby’s restaurant. Maybe they should just tell the public they are switching to serving finger sandwiches instead.



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