Left-Handed People Killed Their Twins!

For a while scientists had a theory that left-handed people started out as twins while in utero. Their belief was that in a set of twins one is usually right-handed and the other left-handed. Genetic and nurturing factors can also affect handedness, but they can’t explain it completely in many cases. Maybe all lefties were the result of only one twin surviving the cage fight that is fetal development.

It wasn’t until ultrasounds, and fearless cameras capable of surviving the uterus, that scientists discovered their hunch was right. Sort of. They were right in the fact that most lefties were once twins but they didn’t go far enough. Scientists now think that a ridiculous one in eight people started out as two peas in a pod. Of course, only about one in 70 people actually is a twin. So what happened to your twin? You killed it and then absorbed it into your body. Yeah, those stories of adults finding teeth in their shoulder? Not urban legends.

Why Did I Do That?!

Because you’re evil.

Not really. Chances are you were just the healthier fetus. Or you hogged all the blood if you shared a placenta. Or you grew faster and literally left your sibling no womb at the inn. If multiple pregnancies are really as common as they now seem, we evolved to be this way for a reason. Trying out two fetuses to see which one is more likely to survive is a pretty good plan evolutionarily. Unfortunately, carrying twins is very dangerous for the mother, meaning that our best bet as a species was to let one twin kill off the other early on in development. Just another reason lefties are a sinister, sinister group of people.



  • Nice latin joke at the end!

  • Is that an Office reference from good ol Dwight?

  • My sons are “mirror twins”: the left-handed son had the dominant placental circulation!

  • What if you have twins who are both left-handed?

  • random guy reading this

    does this mean lefties are better fighters? 😛

  • This explains so much about my life, like no joke.

    • strangerthanfiction

      Too easy, too obvious. Thanks for give people reasons to be awkward with lefthanders. They are all evils, lets burn them!

  • Gotta talk to my bro about this….

  • I have a twin, and we’re both lefties…

    I’m a leftie.
    I killed my sibling 3:)

  • i question your sources.

  • Just because you day fact doesn’t make it one. This isn’t even true. I have a lefty child and had MANY ultrasounds starting at 5 weeks because I am prone to miscarriage and she was definitely never a twin. How stupid. I bet this is yet again a hypothesis (not fact) from someone who knew someone who is left handed who’s twin died in uetero and voila a “fact”/

    • Let’s look at the facts they given us, and what you’ve given us.
      They said this applies to most twins, key word being ‘most’.

      Based upon your testimony, this was not true in your case. You being one.
      One doesn’t account for all babe, your basis isn’t an even valid counterargument against such, because it still fits into it, your son just not being in the majority.

  • i feel evil now

  • This made me feel strangely satisfied with being left handed

  • I am left-handed so naturally a friend sent this to me. Informative AND hilarious. One tiny problem, and I am not trying to be nit-picky but helpful, maybe you can still fix it(?): the evil baby is right-handed! Flip it in Photoshop so this article is truly perfect.

  • not something that a left-handed person like me wants to hear!

  • i hope i wasn’t one of these twins because i find this really disturbing

  • My wonderful son is left-handed and was a twin until I was 4 1/2 months along and his twin didn’t make it to birth. The twin did get absorbed and was no longer detected at the birth so my son is considered a single birth, even though we saw the twins on the ultrasound with the doctor earlier. He did say that this happens quite a bit with modern technology.

  • I’m evil cuz I killed my twin /:D

  • I’ve never really told anyone but I’ve always felt I was a twin & had a missing brother. I saw an episode of Unsolved Mysteries as a teen that showed others felt it too. I’m a lefty. Born in 1975 my mom would have never known if she was having twins. I did ask her once as a teen but she looked at me like I was nuts. Interesting article.

  • I’m left handed when I write, brush my teeth, etc but ambidextrous when I play sports like badminton and table tennis. Am I a part of this? If I am, SORRY TO THE TWIN THAT I UNKNOWINGLY MURDERED!

  • FASCINATING. Love this!!

  • DarlingNicky Clyde

    I’m adopted and a lefty. So there is no way of me finding out if I had a twin in early ultrasounds or tests. My past seems so shady now. I feel dirty lol. Sorry Twin!

  • I’m sort of ambidextrous — I write only with my right hand, but my left hand is better at almost every other task. I guess I just have better coordination in my left hand. Trying to open a door with my right hand is pretty hilarious, honestly. I consider myself right handed since I do write with my right hand, but I am just better at doing things as a lefty. So does that mean I possibly had a twin and I’m the evil one, or…?

  • Doesn’t that mean that right handed people would’ve started out as twins too?

  • @insnaility
    It means that a LOT of right handed people started that way, but the right hander was the stronger embryo. (It also means that we’re better with getting away with murder than left handers.)

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