Psy Rapped About Killing And Torturing Americans!

The YouTube sensation known as Psy, aka Park Jae-sang, is best known for his silly horse moves in “Gangnam Style.” But recently unearthed images reveal the singer with the most popular video on YouTube also has a reportedly anti-American past.

During a 2004 performance that was part of a protest against the 37,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea, the singer smashed a camouflaged American tank onstage, Mediaite reports.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, however, this isn’t the first time Psy expressed anti-American sentiments. In a song titled, “Dear American,” he reportedly delivered the lines, “Kill those f—ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives,” during a 2002 concert in South Korea.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals the lyrics:

“Kill those f—ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/Kill those f—ing Yankees who ordered them to torture/Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers/Kill them all slowly and painfully.”

The 2004 concert was in protest against the killing of Kim Sun-il, a South Korean missionary and translator who was beheaded in Iraq by militants. Sun-il was murdered after the South Korean government proceeded with plans to send 3,000 additional troops to the country, CNN reports.

What do you think, readers? Should Psy’s stage antics be held against him a decade later?

Here’s the song, which Psy performed alongside N.E.X.T., a South Korean metal band:

UPDATE: Psy apologized in a statement to MTV News today, writing,“The song in question — from eight years ago — was part of a deeply emotional reaction to the war in Iraq… I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused anyone by those words.” The singer concluded, “I hope [American soldiers] and all Americans can accept my apology.”




  • i’m confuzed is Psy a Muslim?

  • Shouldn’t have apologized at all

  • no some people actually have compassion for people outside of the own race or religion

  • Now he’s just another puppet….

  • funny because we made them rich with gangnam style..

  • We had it coming

  • We do torture iraqi’s

    • well when you see an iraqi beat rape and murders a little girl for just wanting to get an education….i say why not give him alittle torture.

      • Please do not forget that Americans and our fore fathers have and still do rape and beat women and at one point rape wasn’t even a crime in the U.S.A. Why do we American’s act like saints um we’re anything but…and that is why other cultures hate us. We point the finger and pretend we are perfect…we’re not, not by a long shot. We currently live on stolen land don’t forget that…so do Australians, Canadians, South Africans and the list goes on….

    • no we do not “torture” Iraqis – the Iraqis took over a while back from the US and the worst our troops did was make them get naked and stand in a pyramid. Saddam Hussein’s govt used chemical weapons, lowered people alive into wood chippers, and ran rape rooms where they would use the violent sexual attack as torture against political enemies. Nate, you are a very small minded person with no grasp on the reality of life on earth

      • You’re pretty naive if you think that’s the worst your troops did. Also the USA used chemical weapons too.

      • not naïve – just keeping things in perspective – if they were sexually abused, at least they were not dipped in acid or lowered into wood chippers. Pardon me if some of us don’t view America as the sum of her sins

      • This is the second show of total ignorance you have made on this board.

        Many of those men were sexually and physically abused by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib, and I don’t hesitate to think that many other incidents like this have happened all over the middle east by your troops. ‘Her’ military is equally as disgusting as that of the Iraqi government’s. Those that are tortured by the US military are often civilians, with tenuous links to rebel forces, given NO trial or statutory rights.

        Defoliants such as agent orange are – to this day – causing children to be born blind and with degenerative diseases.

        Let’s not forget absolute atrocities carried out by your government, such as the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which killed 250,000 people, because they simply didn’t yield to your philosophical doctrines.

        Nate said ‘We do torture iraqi’s’ and you concluded he has ‘no grasp of the reality of life on earth’ without actually giving an argument, you just gave a couple of accounts of atrocities performed by Saddam Hussein. This does not morally justify your claims that sexually abusing people in prisons is not torture.

        Stop believing everything Bill O’Reilly tells you. The US is not an objective beacon of peace and safety. It is driven by money and greed, probably in a same way that you are.

      • how do you know he watches Bill O’reilly? It seems some people have a weird focus on fox news – perhaps he just does not have a negative view of America as you do chump

      • ps – why are you bringing up Nagasaki? Where does Keith say that America has not done anything that can be construed as wrong? YOu created a great example of the logical fallacy called a “straw man argument” – look it up child

      • not to mention that in the US military 1 in 3 women are raped versus 1 in 6 in the civilian population. Please stop pretending that just because someone is American or has “white” skin or blond hair or whatever that they’re perfect thats bs plain and simple. KKK, Aryans, xenophobia in Greece and all over Europe, white male serial killers and mass murderers look it up. American’s are not some kind of angelic species. We’re just people ….Trail of Tears, slavery, etc..etc..etc..

  • If he doesn’t like it tell him to pack up and move north. The only reason he has the freedom to do what he is doing is because of the USA and her military.

    • MoronsWithInternet

      You’re the most ignorant person on this board of you truly believe this.

      • why would he not believe this? We lost over 55,000 American troops defending the Southern half of the Korean Peninsula against the communist North and China from 1950-1953. We have had tens of thousands of our troops stationed on the demilitarized zone as a bulwark against the aggressions of the North. I am not surprised your name on here is MoronsWithInternet as you most definitely are a stupid human and the over 2o people who like your comment are just as ignorant.

  • pretty disgusting to sing about killing peoples families. no matter if you agree with the iraq war, stirring up such hatred and anger against a whole nation? not all americans are war mongers. not all iraqis are terrorists. this kind of ignorant tirade from anyone is dangerous.

  • I think he is a communist who make money on Anti Americanism in South Korea.

  • Psy has lost my respect

  • sure when the next 12 year old muslim girl wants an education we will just let her get raped and beaten then murdered….

  • He is absolutly right.

  • Still think he’s a nice guy from what I’ve seen, can’t blame him for his feelings then (and I’m an American). Don’t hate him at all.

    • you can’t blame him for creating a song advocating the murder of American soldiers and their families? Nice job douche

  • Who cares his political views are his own

  • It’s a small world after all

  • You have to be sick to make a song about hating killing so their conclusion is to kill more people. Sick people

  • Psy is sick and that’s that!,the fact that he made Gangnham style that youu’re all willing to gyrate to doesn’t alter the fact of the sort of lowlife he is.

  • No you shouldn’t hold a grudge against a person for “words” they said a decade in the past. Are you kidding me who cares… we Americans do and say worse stuff about other cultures and even our own women and men and kids. Example
    Tosh O. joking about rape… death metal…gansta rap etc..etc..

    • Why are you hating on your own country we don’t say worse things and you know it… Gangsta Rap isn’t bad its just music and tosh is joking PSY meant it.

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