Smoking Is Deadlier Than HIV

In a large case-control study recently completed at Copenhagen University, scientists found that smoking is even more deadly than HIV.  The study found that smokers with HIV had much greater all-cause and non-AIDS related death than non-smokers with HIV.

The study demonstrates the very potent hazards of smoking and also confirms that patients with well-controlled HIV are able to have longer, healthier lives than HIV patients who smoke.  In Copenhagen, treatment for HIV is available at no-cost, so patients have the opportunity to maximize medical treatment and are consequently able to improve survival rates.  In that setting, the study found that 60% of the deaths among HIV patients was associated with smoking.

While HIV was previously considered an irreversible death sentence, that does not appear to be the case among patients who are well-controlled on available anti-retroviral therapy.  However, there is no drug that removes the increased morbidity and mortality caused by smoking.



  • Basically, all this study said was that smoking with HIV kills you faster than not smoking with HIV. Not all that ground breaking. Even though the patients died of smoking related causes, HIV severely suppresses the immune system and doctors can’t really prove that the cause of death was completely unrelated. Try again next time!

  • I agree with Rosenfeld. Although smoking does kill, this study only shows the effect of both causes combined. Still no proof that smoking is more harmful. i still believe HIV/AIDS is deadlier judging by real life scenarios.

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