• This is definitely wrong, because you are assuming that there is a protochicken ot whatever you called it, let me ask you something, regardless of the prochicken or anything, and regardless of science, there is a fact called Noah’s Arch, everybody on earth admits it, all the religions and everyone, so regardless of what’s before noah’s arch, Noah didn’t get eggs to the arch because he would never know what will be the gender of the chick inside the egg, so he definitely got a chicken and a rooster, so if we start counting from Noah’s arch onwards, the chicken came first !!

    now another idea, an egg would never hatch unless a chicken sits on it for 21 days, else, the egg will remain an egg, now u will tell me, no it’s not necessary that the chicken sits on its own egg to hatch, i’ll say ok, but by instinct, which of the animals will guess that he has to sit 21 days on the egg to hatch else than the mother itself, the chicken, by the instinct given to her by GOD??

    • That’s an amazing idea! What’s your thoughts on strings?

    • Typical Angry Replier

      You really don’t know how things worked in the world do ya?
      Here’s a fact, whatever EVOLVED into a chicken was more then likely there before humans became abound. Just because Noah had to find some chickens, doesn’t mean “Oh well they were obviously only a few in those days just because it was so long ago, so they were hard to find.” Chickens were (and still are) majorly abundant and domesticated. SCIENCE proves that something comes from somewhere, RELIGION gives hope and teaches moralities while giving someone the meaning to live while trying to stay good in nature, religion isn’t anywhere to try and prove anything, it’s just to pass the stories on the word of God and the struggle of Jesus Christ.
      Don’t deny science because you are scared to know the truth behind the world. If God made the planet as is, he made the science to make it all happen.
      I’m christian so if you gotta problem you can suck a fat one dude.

    • Here’s a fun little idea that i more and more likely every passing day- God doesn’t exist. Noah’s arc? That too.

      • I’m a firm believer in the disbelief of god and all that happy horseshit. Though if I’m not mistaken fossilized reminents of the “ARK” were found on top of a mountain that dated back a couple thousand years. If it is the “ARK”, it is not nearly the size the stories told. Just sayin.

      • God exists you fooll

      • You cant call someone a fool because they dont believe in god, i dont and thats my belief and your belief is that there is one and i would respect that so it would be if you could respect my belief

    • Lol stop talking.

    • So apparently everything before noah’s ark doesn’t matter anymore lol. Keep in mind, the rooster and chicken that would have been on the ark also came from eggs, so that theory is false. Not to mention that it isn’t even fact since there is no evidence of an ark big enough to fit all of gods creatures on it.

      Also, instinct is not given to anyone by god, its given to you by the ever evolving part of your brain that wants to survive. Even as an infant, the brain can tell that you’re hungry, but can’t get food on your own, giving you the instinct to cry to alert someone that you want food. That is real FACT

    • Ark, not arch. You terrorist.

      • Okay you might not be able to agree with his belief but dont be racist towards him? My 3 yo cousin is muslim, is he a terrorist? People like you are whats wrong with the world

    • “there is a fact called Noah’s Arch, everybody on earth admits it, all the religions and everyone”
      No, there isn’t, no, they don’t, and not at all.

    • ………………………..wow……………just wow

    • you are an idiot. noahs arc is a fictional story told by Moses to make a point. do you really think he put two of every Animal on a boat . what if one died on the boat? seriously an idiot

    • What? The ‘Fact’ of Noah’s arc? Based on what evidence? It was written about in the bible? By that same logic unicorns, heffalumps and the teletubbies are all real.

    • ههههههههه

    • Its nice that you believe that but dont criticise other peoples believes, and the chicken could of evolved before that time so your answer is unvalid. Also the bible or quaran isnt something you should take word by word, it was written thousands of years ago with no understanding of the universe, its fine if you believe that but dont criticise others. Im not sure in the quaran but in the bible it says how dirty a women on her period is and how she shouldnt be acknowledged as a human being, which is horrid, think about it if god created man and women and created women with a period, why would he do that if everyone is disgusted by it. Religion doesnt have all the answers and some wrong ones so maybe dont base all your belief in it.

    • It’s Noah’s Ark, for (your) God’s sake.

  • Inb4 biblical nonsense. Science prevails.

  • If I dropped a cue ball through a hole in the centre of the earth, who would happen to it?

  • Its Noah’s ark… Not arch….

  • Science explains everything while religion creates stories w/c most of ’em are so impossible to happen but what the good with those stories are those moral teachings.
    but to live just believing on what religion told u… it’s like you chose being blind folded for the rest of ur life. it’s better to answer an unexplainable question “unknown” , than to make some unbelievable stories just for you to have an explanation. Science can tell everything with enough proofs / evidences otherwise, they’ll just say so thing is still “Unknown”.. but not to invent stories of where the certain thing came from.

    • Christianity is this simple. All religions acknowledge Jesus as a prophet/teacher. Thus acknowledging He is real. However He claimed to be God in flesh. So either He is or never was and all religions have lied forever.

    • Science does create stories for them its called a theory

  • so mohamad do you actually refer zat ze Zsience iz aczsually ‘rong can you give a Theszis about zat your ztatement.. hm,mmp?

  • Religions are the stories we told ourselves to explain stuff when we didn’t know why things happened. Now do DO know why and how a lot of stuff happened, and we know how to find out a lot of the rest of it. If you’re clinging to religion to give you explanations, you’re WAY behind the times.

    • atheist sticking up 4 religion

      I agree but some people and cultures are happy with their religious ideas and are intitled to believe them once they dont criticise the belief of other people who believe in science, even though it is fact

  • There is a God and He is alive. There’s way more evidence that points to a Creator than some people would care to admit. The question is, why are people trying so hard to disprove a Creator whenever everything is so distinctly and carefully and wonderfully made? A Designer had to be behind the creation of the world. Maybe people don’t want to believe in something that is bigger than themselves. Maybe they would prefer being their own gods as opposed to accepting that there is a God and He does ask for people to obey Him (although he won’t force others to do so). Perhaps the heart is the biggest issue here, not the “evidence” of science.

    • There doesn’t have to be a designer to anything, thru natural selection and survival of the fittest, everything has come about, because those genes have survived. You see all these genetic mutations in animals that cause extra legs or extra heads on the bodies, these animals quickly die off because their genes are weak and wont survive (is this making sense). I mean don’t get me wrong, I believe in a god and everything, i just don’t believe it all happened in 7 days

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