The Most Dangerous Button on Facebook!

Go to your profile page, then click on the Activity Log:


In the Activity Log, there’s a checkbox to show “Only Me” activity:


Check the box:



And there you can see your searches!


There you have it, your Facebook profile revealed – Showing EVERYTHING you’ve EVER done! What do you think? Tweet me your thoughts and follow me for more life/internet hacks, tips and everything else miscellaneous!



One comment

  • Agreed! Many popular online PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising companies use this type information for a new style of targeted advertising that is focused on your likes and trending searches. Pop-Up & Banner Ads are no longer static but are dynamic in nature changing to fit your “Online Footprint.”

    It is very scary and I didn’t know until now that I could see my own activity. This is now the world we live in, anonymity is fading – we best adapt because it is impossible to fight.

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