Zebras Die in Zoo – Replaced By Donkeys

Palestinian children visiting the Marah Land Zoo outside Gaza City look at a donkey painted in a zebra-like pattern,Thursday, Oct . 8, 2009. Zoo keepers have found a creative way to draw crowds to the Gaza zoo that suffered losses during the war with Israel. Zoo workers replaced 2 zebras that died of hunger during the January war with donkeys painted black and white.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Gaza City zookeepers have found a creative way of drawing crowds to their dilapidated zoo – by painting their donkeys. The Marah Land Zoo’s only two zebras died of hunger earlier this year when they were neglected during the Israel-Hamas war.

 The popular animals were too expensive to replace, so the keepers decided to design a pair of donkeys with black and white patterns instead.

Ahmad Barghouti says a professional painter used French-manufactured hair coloring to make the donkeys look like zebras.

Hasan Yaseen said Thursday since his three children have never seen a real zebra, they enjoy the Gaza version.

Aside from the two ‘zebras,’ the zoo also flaunts an aging tigress, two monkeys, and a selection of birds, rabbits and cats.



  • They really found no time to feed them, barbarians.

  • Seriously? They are blaming Israel for their inability to take care of an exotic animal? F**king Palestinians cant fart without blaming Israel. Grow up dammit. Take some responsibility. And stop lying to your children.

  • It’s not creative, it’s disgusting!

  • That’s terrible.. it’s not creative.. that shouldn’t even be legal. You don’t have zebras. Then you just don’t have them. You can’t be replacing animals just because of the zoo’s inability to feed them. That would NEVER happen in the US..

  • Seriously?! I would think that Zebras would be an easier animal to feed. Just throw a couple of hay bales in there and they’re good for a couple of days. Painting donkeys black and white to replace an animal you neglected to take care of properly is sick!

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