This Week's Most Frequently Asked Questions

UberFacts receives about 30,000 to 40,000 mentions a day, MANY of them being unanswered questions. Well, here is the moment (some of) you have been waiting for… ANSWERS! I, Kris Sanchez have gone through many of those mentions to weed out the most frequently asked questions to help give you guys a better understanding of how UberFacts operates!

1) Where do you get all of these facts from?

Everywhere and anywhere I can find interesting information! Books, news articles, science blogs, you name it. There are many great places to find information. Users can also submit facts on the “Submit Your Facts” page!

2) Do you ever cite your sources?

Yes! But not all of them, and rarely ever on the Twitter page. Sources can be found here on the website below articles. As far as tweets go, it’s much more time efficient for one to simply use the Google machine to find the answers to whatever questions you may have! Believe it or not, more people would prefer NOT to see a link at the end of the tweet.

3) Why does UberFacts recycle facts?

UberFacts is well-known for its constant stream of information, nearly 50 facts a day. That’s a lot of information and it’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE for them to ALL be new and interesting. While I could tweet out 50 different lame facts everyday, it’s better to re-use interesting ones. Plus, UberFacts gets many new followers everyday. Even if a fact is re-used twice in one week, hundreds of thousands of people may not have seen it! Why let it go to waste?

4) Where can I get an UberFacts t-shirt?

While I often give them out randomly to some of the people following me, you can purchase them online!

If you live in the U.S. you can buy them here: 

If you live in the UK, you can buy them here:

5) How can I contact you or ask you questions?

If you ever have any questions, you can tweet me @KrisSanchez – I try to answer as many of them as possible, without being thrown into Twitter jail. Even if you don’t have any questions and just want to say hi, I’ll gladly say “hi” back! You can also send an email to as an alternative!

I hope this has helped! You guys know where to find me!






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