The Top 5 Things Most Internet Users Don't Know About The Internet

We all know what the internet is and we all use it. BUT not all of us actually know how it works! Let this article be your guide into the world of the Internet (coming from me, someone who works on the Internet) and let me give you a little bit of insight! I know, at this point some of you may be asking “What do you know about anything? All you did was create some stupid fact account?” Well, my response to that is… take my word for it. Not only is UberFacts the most popular and engaged fact account on Twitter, it is the 9th most engaged account on Twitter in general, so trust that I know a few things!

1) The Internet Is NOT Original! 

Most of the stories/blog posts/anything else you will come across on the Internet has come from somewhere/someone else! News sites, science blogs, even TMZ gets their information from someone else! So, as much as some of you may enjoy saying “You totally got that from_____” they got it from someone else too… Who may have got it from someone else, who may have got it from someone else. This brings me to my next topic, which is a bit more site specific:

2) Reddit is NOT a SOURCE of Information!

EVERYTHING you read on Reddit has come from somewhere else! As a matter of fact, a good portion of their TIL section has come from articles on THIS very site! Or at least, until they created a rule basically banning UberFacts and all the like from being used as sources on their site. Want to know why? Here’s a hint: Because we all function the same way. By getting our information from other places! So, they don’t want us to be seen as somewhere you can go to see interesting information that came from 3rd party sources – THEY want to be the place to go for interesting information that came from 3rd party sources.

3) Internet Trolls Get Trolled On In Real Life – Often By Life Itself

I’m exposed to a great number of Internet trolls on a daily basis and there are quite a few things I can tell you about that breed of Internet user. One being, most of them never have pictures of themselves or use their real name. The second being, they clearly aren’t doing much. The third being, if they find happiness in trolling other people on the Internet, it’s most likely because they’re not receiving happiness elsewhere.

Exception: If someone is getting paid to be an Internet troll, then that’s a different story. We all need to make a living. However, if you’re doing it for free, there ARE better things you could be doing with your time… And no, that’s not an opinion, THAT’S a fact.

4) Taking The Internet Too Seriously Is Bad For Your Health

No, but seriously! Stress is deadly! Between school, work, family, relationships, and money issues (which MOST of America has), why stress about those pages on Twitter that you don’t like? Why hate on those Facebook friends you can’t stand? Facebook has made “Unfriend” a word for a reason! The same reason why Twitter has an unfollow button! Let them go, and move on. You’ll be a lot happier and so will your other friends/followers – No one likes a Debbie Downer, A Nagging Nancy or a Sh!T Talking Stacy!

5) Just Because You Don’t Agree With What Someone Else Says, Doesn’t Mean They’re Wrong! 

Stop saying “I thought this account tweeted facts, not UberBiased opinions” just because I said “Homophobic people are more likely to be gay” and you’re still in the closet. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, look it up. It’s 2013 and the Google machine was invented a long time ago – it’s very effective and efficient. If there’s anything you’re dying to correct me on, you know where to find me! While UberFacts does NOT communicate back with it’s followers, @KrisSanchez does! I AM a person, who can read what you write and I have the ability to respond to it. FYI: If you tweet me something rude or obnoxious, there’s a 99.999% chance I will not respond to it. The next time you get upset because you read something you didn’t agree with or refused to believe, keep in mind that IT’S JUST TWITTER! And always remember this general rule of thumb: An open-mind makes for a world of little conflict. Tweet me below with your thoughts, questions, comments or concerns!



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