The Most Ridiculous Tweets Of The Past Week

I love being exposed to all the great things that can be found on the Internet – Great articles, breaking news, useless information. But, with this I’m often exposed to pure STUPIDITY and ignorance. So for your entertainment, I will address the 3 most ridiculous things that I’ve been tweeted in the past week. Prepare yourself:

1) UberFacts Is Turning Straight People Gay

Here’s my response to this… No. UberFacts is NOT turning ANYONE gay, influencing anyone to be homosexual, or rising the rate of same-sex marriage. UberFacts makes statements and they should be taken at face value. If the tweet reads “Homophobic people are more likely to have an unannounced attraction to others of the same-sex” it means homophobic people are more likely to have an unannounced attraction to others of the same-sex. Just because you may not agree with it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

2) UberFacts Is Affiliated With The Illuminati

Here’s my response to this one… No. At least, not yet anyway. But in all serious, that’s about as ridiculous as the first comment.

3) How Does Gangnam Style Have Over 1 Billion Views, If There Are Only 7 Million People In The World

There are a couple of reasons why this questions is ridiculous. 1) Because there are actually more than 7 BILLION people in the world. 2) Because everyone has the ability to watch a video more than once. No further explanation needed.

With that said, I thank you guys for these tweets! It makes for a very entertaining article. Have you seen someone tweet something ridiculous that I may have missed? Tweet me @KrisSanchez!


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