FREE UberFacts T-Shirt Contest!

At the end of each week for the entire month of June, UberFacts is giving away a free t-shirt to whoever has ReTweeted the most of our tweets! Each week, the count will be reset (so that way people who are just hearing about the competition have a chance to win). While the contest is pretty simple, there are a few rules.

1) You may NOT create a separate account just to ReTweet UberFacts tweets.

2) You may NOT re-retweet facts you’ve already ReTweeted, they won’t be counted.

3) ONLY new style (direct) ReTweets can be counted… We don’t have the ability to tell the difference between regular mentions and “old style” ReTweets. For those who are unclear, “old style” ReTweets either have quotation marks or an “RT” at the beginning of the tweet.

If you’d like to simply purchase an UberFacts shirt, you can do so at! If you have any questions, tweet @KrisSanchez!


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