The Conjuring, Based On A True Story?

I had the pleasure of being able to see The Conjuring twice, the day before it came out. Of course, the phrase “based on a true story” has become a popular line to use in an attempt to market many fictional movies, but how true is this film? Enjoy an excerpt of what I found below. Feel free to follow and tweet me any questions you may have, @KrisSanchez.

“Mrs. Perron said she awoke before dawn one morning to find an apparition by her bed: the head of an old woman hanging off to one side over an old gray dress,” reads an August 1977 story in The Providence Journal. “There was a voice reverberating, ‘Get out. Get out. I’ll drive you out with death and gloom.’ ”

Orange oozed blood, doors slammed shut or would not shut. A young voice cried, “Mama. Maaama.”

And that was just the start of a series of incidents that culminated in an investigation by ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren — an episode that inspired the new movie “The Conjuring,” which opens in Rhode Island on Friday.

There are still things that Andrea Perron, who grew up in the house, will not talk about.

“Let’s just say, there was a very bad male spirit and five little girls,” she said by phone from her home outside Atlanta, where she lives with her mother and one sister.

“Oh boy, that was something else, that Harrisville case,” Lorraine Warren, now 86, said this week from Los Angeles, where she attended the movie’s national premiere. “It was a very, very negative case. There were small children in that house.”

The Perron family moved into the 14-room farmhouse in Burrillville’s Harrisville section with their five daughters in 1971. Andrea, the eldest, was 12 at the time.

She said the haunting started as soon as the family moved in and seemed to be particularly focused on her mother.

Ed Warren died in 2006, but his widow said she is still active investigating paranormal cases. She also runs the private Occult Museum in the back of her house in Monroe, Conn., with the help of her son-in-law, Tony Spera.

Now 54, Andrea has since self-published two volumes of a trilogy about the hauntings, “House of Darkness, House of Light.”

(article via Providence Journal)

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