Memes exist for all occasions, which is good – human beings have all kinds of feelings to feel, and we like to be able to laugh at them whenever possible.

If you’re having a day that makes you want to throw in the towel on the entire human race, these 24 smile-inducing memes might be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s a good reminder, anyway, that humans have the capacity to be just as good as they are terrible.

24. That doesn’t mean you get to be a jerk, though.

But they’ll still love you if you are.

I’m still waiting for this…. from wholesomememes

23. Little friends are the best friends.

They just trust her, isn’t that sweet?

Let’s keep being ourselves till the good things start coming from wholesomememes

22. Well that would make just about anyone’s day.

Talk about a date with a critic!

What a nice moment from wholesomememes

21. See, some people still have souls.

Or think about someone other than themselves.

Wow very nice from wholesomememes

20. You can never unsee it.

And why would you want to?

Do you need a hug from wholesomememes

19. That’s your future, kid.

Might as well just embrace it now.

Inherited joke from wholesomememes

18. They were besties, you know?

How boring their lives would have been without each other!

Honestly he never hated jerry, always there:) from wholesomememes

17. Bahahaha how true is this?

That’s true friendship, man.

Friendship. Fight. Forgive. Forget. from wholesomememes

16. Real friendships are the best.

And rarer than we would like to think.

Aww sleepyhead from wholesomememes

15. Of course she remembered!

You chose well, my friend.

She remembered 🙂 from wholesomememes

14. Which one?

Because I bet they can’t all be doing well. That’s just physics.

Stay strong from wholesomememes

13. If only more people would admit this was the facts.

If only we would pay them more.

Thank you for all your hard work 🙂 from wholesomememes

12. Was there a better feeling in the world?

I would like to bottle it up.

Ahh the good ole days of elementary school book fairs from wholesomememes

11. We need to know you’re really committed.

If you do all the work to get in, we want you here.

it do be like that from wholesomememes

10. We should all try to be that friend.

Because yes, we need more of them.

Everyone needs a friend like this from wholesomememes

9. Involved grandpas are just the cutest.

Appreciate them while they’re hovering, trust me.

He’s trying from wholesomememes

8. Stay strong, little people.

Your classmates will always be s*%ts.

What teacher was you "mom"? Love you Mrs. Carol from wholesomememes

7. It doesn’t fix anything, but…

I guess it’s still nice to know.

Just in case you need it from wholesomememes

6. They totally believe it, too.

That’s in the grandparent handbook.

I consider this as a supreme victory from wholesomememes

5. I mean, that looks like fun to me.

It all depends on your age, I suppose.

it’s a good life from wholesomememes

4. It was almost always a cat.

They are the reason for the internet’s success, after all.

It’s hard to control emotions from wholesomememes

3. It’s all about perspective.

Although I’m not convinced there are any real adults.

Truth be told from wholesomememes

2. It’s important to cross those bridges when you find them.

There are so few left these days.

I posted this on r_memes and they told me to post here from wholesomememes

1. I want to hug this human.

The kid and the person who made the sticker.

I quote myself, “wholesomeness on a higher level” from wholesomememes

I’m feeling a weight lifted, really.

Which of these memes really made your day? We want to know down in the comments!