6 Creepy Things That Happen to Your Body When You Die



It’s sad but true…we’re all gonna kick the bucket at some point. And when we do, a lot of weird stuff happens to our bodies. Remember, we don’t have a say anymore, so it’s out of our hands. Here are 6 unsavory and odd things that happen to our former shells after we pass away. Sleep tight.

1. “Angel Lust” aka Dying with a boner

This usually happens when people die a violent death, and it isn’t exclusive to the male corpses out there. Women can suffer from this calamity as well, and it’s called clitorism, so go ahead and imagine that one. A lot of historical executions turned into awkward viewings as the inevitable would occur. Blood and gravity are at work here. When a man dies and he’s in a vertical or prone position, the muscles that usually stop blood from flowing to the penis stop working and we get some dead boner action.

2. Your skin can turn into soap or wax

Photo Credit: Smithsonian

Another nice visual. If your casket has a leak in it, your fat can transform into soap due to alkaline soil being carried into your coffin via water seepage. This is called saponification. It’s scary to think of how many soap bodies are buried underneath our feet. The flesh of dead bodies can also turn into wax in the right conditions. If you die and aren’t discovered for many, many years and the environment is just right, then you might become a wax person. Fatty tissue can morph into a waxy substance that envelops the whole body to protect it and your internal organs.

3. Your casket might explode

If you don’t have a well-ventilated casket, your body literally might explode. Airtight caskets are common but they’re also ticking time bombs, especially when people are interned in above ground tombs. The heat and moisture in the air combined with the airtight vessel is NOT a good combination. As you decompose, the pressure builds and builds until…you guessed it: your body explodes in a juicy disaster. Yikes.

4. Some morgues are horrifying

Photo Credit: YouTube

I’ve always thought of morgues as super clean and sterile…because I’ve only seen them in movies. But there are some morgues out there that are absolutely frightening and disgusting. One example includes maggot-infested rooms that aren’t properly ventilated and always have the stench of death permeating from them. Another disturbing story concerns a rat-infested place where the rodents would chew through body bags and enter bodies through all kinds of orifices. Ugh.

5. Corpses sometimes move their arms

The “Lazarus Sign” is when dead bodies involuntarily lift their arms and then drop them crossed on their chests. Think of all the photos you’ve seen of ancient Egyptian mummies with their arms crossed. There’s a reason for that. And it’s a slow reflex so it appears as if the corpse is taking it’s sweet time. Imagine seeing this one in person…scary stuff.

6.  Coffin Birth

Photo Credit: YouTube

This phenomenon is also known as Postmortem Fetal Extrusion. Let’s get to the point: this is the term used for when a corpse gives birth. Yes, that actually happens. It isn’t common, but it still occurs. These are not live children, mind you, but a dead fetus being ejected from a mother due to gas buildup. Coffin Birth is virtually unheard of today due to embalming practices that get rid of all that bacteria that eats away at you after you die. Gross.

h/t: Cracked