7 Life Changing Things to Try This Month



We all get stuck in a rut sometimes, and the hot, heavy days of midsummer are a prime time for choosing to lay around and be lazy instead of challenging ourselves with something new and different. If you choose to do the latter, though, you just might change your life – and these 7 things can help give you a much-needed boost.

#7. Swap your hat or sunglasses for a visor.

Photo Credit: Amazon

I know, a visor? But seriously, consider these pros: it not only keeps the sun off your face (and more), but you won’t get sunglass tan lines, you won’t have to squint, and it may even discourage street harassment, since it hides most of your face.

Seriously, give it a try.

#6. A thought-provoking book.

Photo Credit: Amazon

May I recommend The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters, by Priya Parker. It’s a smart, interesting nonfiction that looks at why and how human beings get together, and why most of the time the meetups are uninspiring at best. It gives you practical tips and new ways to think about our gatherings that can really make a difference in the quality of the relationships in your life.

#5. A magical headache cure.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Headaches are the literally worst pain in the neck, and even worse is when you can’t find a way to shake a particularly bad one. Enter the Migrastil Migraine Stick. It includes 3 oil scents -peppermint, spearmint, and lavender – and rolls right on to your forehead, temples, or the back of your neck. People say they get relief in as little as 30 seconds, and if you catch it early enough, their headaches disappear entirely.

#4. A new (boozy) beverage.

Photo Credit: Truly

A drink never made anyone’s month worse, and if you’re over beer, liquor, and sweet cocktails, you’ve got to try alcoholic seltzer. Truly contains only 1g of sugar and 5% alcohol per can, which pretty much makes it the perfect midsummer, poolside drink. They’ve also got tons of delicious flavors to choose from, so dive in!

#3. A bra that transitions from day to night.

Photo Credit: Walmart

You can sleep in this bra from Walmart (if that’s your thing) without skipping a beat, and better yet – it’s super cheap. Game. Changer.

#2. A Potterhead Podcast

Photo Credit: Binge Mode

If you find yourself missing Harry Potter but don’t have time for a tenth (or twentieth) reread, check out Binge Mode, a Spotify podcast with hosts Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion. Each episode does a deep dive into 5 chapters of a book (in order) and then each week ends with an episode recapping the movie version and a bonus episode about a specific topic in the HP universe.

You’re welcome.

#1.  A happy sponge.

Photo Credit: Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Sure, dishes suck, but they suck less with a happy face smiling back at you from the bottom of the sink. Maybe it won’t change your life, per se, but it certainly isn’t going to hurt!